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Often, power tools are where it’s “at”. When people visit the site, they want to know who makes the best corded and cordless power tools. This includes drills, drivers, hammer drills, saws, lights, sanders, multi-tools, best shop vacs, and more. These powered tools have reduced the time it takes to complete many jobs and tasks tradesmen work on every day. Our power tool reviews take the most recent tools and talk about how they rate and rank in the industry. Our reviews are targeted and written for the tradesman and business owner. Our goal is to allow the Pros a chance to see which recent developments in the industry are increasing productivity and which are just gimmicks. We also want to help you know which power tools are best overall. For this, we have round-up articles to find the best cordless hammer drill, best impact driver, and the best reciprocating saw. If these don’t help you find the best power tools, we don’t know what will.

Ryobi USB Lithium 4V Power Cutter Review

Ryobi USB Lithium 4V Power Cutter Review FVC51K

Make Tough Cutting Chores Easier With The Ryobi USB Lithium 4V Power Cutter There’s nothing like the excitement of delivery day and the excitement of opening the gear you ordered a few days ago. After basking in the joy of your new stuff, you have to do something with your boxes. Enter the Ryobi USB […]

Review9.6(out of 10)
Fein Cordless MultiMaster 700 Review

Fein Cordless MultiMaster 700 Review

Fein Rebrands Exceptional Oscillating Multi-Tool Lineup For Better Clarity If you’ve taken a look at Fein’s oscillating multi-tool lineup recently, you might have noticed the high-performance SuperCut is no longer available but there are more MultiMaster options. We got our hands on the top-end Fein Cordless MultiMaster 700 to see what’s changing. Pros Outstanding cutting/sanding […]

Ridgid SDS-plus rotary hammer

Ridgid 18V Cordless SDS-Plus 1-Inch Rotary Hammer

Ridgid Updates Its Rotary Hammer Lineup With Faster Drilling Speeds Getting more done faster can be a game-changer when it comes to power tool performance. Ridgid is incorporating this philosophy into its latest SDS-Plus 1-inch rotary hammer (R86712B). With faster speeds and a heftier build than previous models, let’s see what else this rotary hammer […]

Hilti Nuron TE 6-22 SDS Plus Rotary Hammer

Hilti Nuron TE 6-22 SDS-Plus Cordless Rotary Hammer

Hilti Nuron TE 6-22 Hits The Market With A Familiar Design Hilti’s original 22V TE 6-A22 opened our eyes at World of Concrete as we drilled side-by-side with the 36V version with no loss of performance despite the lower voltage battery. Now the Hilti TE 6-22 SDS-Plus rotary hammer makes its debut as part of […]

Worx Nitro 4-1/2 inch circular saw

Worx Nitro 20V Cordless 4 1/2-Inch Circular Saw WX531L

Worx 20V Cordless 4 1/2-Inch Circular Saw Gets A Refresh The Worx Nitro 20V cordless 4 1/2-inch circular saw originally came on our radar in the back half of 2021, and the DIY-targeted compact saw is already getting an update. Worx Nitro 20V Cordless 4-1/2-Inch Circular Saw Updates The Worx WX531L now has updated circuitry […]

Greenworks 24V Cordless 7-1/4" Circular Saw Review

Greenworks 24V Cordless 7 1/4-Inch Circular Saw Review

The Greenworks 24V Cordless Circular Saw Targets High-Performance Value For Homeowners The Greenworks 24V cordless circular saw is next up in our deep dive into the emerging line of 24V power tools. As a core tool, this 7 1/4-inch circular saw helps set the tone for the type of person the entire system is a […]

Review9.7(out of 10)
Flex 24V Cordless Rear-Handle Circular Saw Review

Flex 24V Cordless Rear-Handle Circular Saw Review

Flex 24V Cordless Rear-Handle Circular Saw Sets New Power Benchmark If you’ve seen the Flex Faceoff Round 2 video, you already know the Flex 24V cordless rear-handle circular saw means business. But is it really as good as they made it out to be? We ran it through our series of tests to find out! […]

Metabo HPT cordless heat gun

Metabo HPT 18V Cordless Heat Gun

Bring The Heat With Metabo HPT’s 18V Cordless Heat Gun Whether you’re a DIYer or a working pro, a heat gun can save you a lot of time when you’re working with things like adhesives, paint, or PVC. Metabo HPT’s 18V cordless heat gun (RH18DAQ4M) ensures variability and control by offering a number of temperatures and […]

Ridgid R4550 Portable Table Saw

Ridgid R4550 Portable Jobsite Table Saw With Folding Stand

You may have noticed some different Ridgid table saws at your local Home Depot. As part of the NEXT series that also includes miter saws, a belt sander, and a planer, we were curious to see what the flagship Ridgid R4550 portable jobsite table saw has to offer. Check out our best portable jobsite table […]

Makita Screw Gun Reviews: Corded and Cordless Drywall Screwdrivers

When it comes to drywall screwdrivers, Makita has a deep lineup of both corded and cordless options. From the field-tested FS4200 and FS6200 corded models to the newest XRF03 brushless option, you’re sure to find a Makita screw gun that suits the way you work. Makita XRF03 18V LXT Cordless Auto-Feed Screw Gun The most […]