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When Pro Tool Reviews does hardware and fastener reviews, we cover a lot of products. To us, hardware and fasteners include all types of screws, nails, deck clips, deck fastening clips, and other devices you may find in the hardware aisle of your local retailer or supplier. We’ve covered the new Senco Mantis deck clip system, the RemoveRite reusable screws for construction, Makita Impact Gold bits, and more. Hardware and Fastener Reviews in the Field We have even delved into more technical considerations of fasteners. Case in point is our article Are Impact-rated Bits Worth the Money? and Should I Use Square, Philips or Torx Drive Deck Screws? We even discuss the best nails for pressure treated lumber and fastener drive types. Finally, without the right fastener, your decking, framing, or carpentry project can fall apart…literally. Fasteners make the project, and knowing which can hold up is important. This is another reason to also check out the Pro Tool Innovation Awards. They highlight the most innovative fasteners in the industry that help solve a problem or change the way we employ fastening in projects.

Makita LXRH011 Brushless 1 in SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer drilling

Types of Concrete Anchors and How to Use Them

I have a deep dark confession to make: I love anchoring things to concrete. It’s a weird addiction. I started doing it in college. There are so many types of concrete anchors to choose from, but I completely skipped small plastic anchors and went straight for the heavy stuff. 1/2-inch or larger lead shields bolting […]

Garvin Adjustable Depth Device Mud Rings

Garvin Adjustable Depth Device Rings Bring Convenience to Electrical Installations Garvin designed the Adjustable Depth Device Rings to work with square boxes for mounting switches, receptacles, and devices. Ideal for use in prefabricated assemblies in ceilings, walls, and floors, these device rings adjust for a perfect flush installation to finished surfaces. What’s the Big Deal? […]

Simpson sliding barn door

Simpson Barn Doors Review – 49801 Cherry

A while back we did an article on how to install a Simpson Craftsman door on a 1920s bungalow home. It was an incredible update and really brought out the charm of the wraparound porch. Recently, we had the opportunity to follow up and review one of the Simpson barn doors for Pro Tool Reviews. […]

Wurth Zebra Universal Bit Assortment05

Screw Bit Types and Types of Screwdriver Bits | Pros and Cons

Manufacturers make screwdrivers to fit a wide variety of screw bit types. They come in various lengths, grips, and styles—all so that they can do a great job fastening screws. But which types of screwdriver bits do you use for what application—and which work the best? We’ll attempt to go through each—even the specialty bits—and […]

Best Drywall Anchors for Mounting TVs and Other Heavy Items

Best Drywall Anchors for Mounting TVs and Other Heavy Items

We don’t know too many people who haven’t had the “privilege” of installing drywall anchors for some reason or another. That, of course, brings up the question of what are the best drywall anchors for mounting TVs and other heavy items on your wall? The Pros in our office got together to discuss our favorites […]

Klein Cable Stapler

Klein Cable Stapler for Romex, Voice, and Data

Secure Your Wire and Cable with Klein Cable Stapler Klein has introduced the Loose Cable Stapler to its expanding line of VDV installation and Romex solutions. With a forward action design, you’ll get stable and secure installation of wire and cable. Features The Klein Cable Stapler works with the brand’s own proprietary insulated staples to […]

large universal tool hanger

Tool Hangerz for Pegboard and Direct Fasten

We hang a lot of tools in our shop. Typically, we grab the traditional tool hangers available at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Recently, however, we got a chance to look at some products from Tool Hangerz. That’s not a typo, so be sure to spell it right when you look it up. Pros Lots of […]

Eagle Claw Hidden Deck Fastening System

Eagle Claw Hidden Deck Fastening System

There are several methods and products for building a beautiful deck without unsightly fastener holes that can split over time. The Eagle Claw Hidden Deck Fastening System uses black decking clips to space and secure boards while concealing fasteners beneath the deck’s surface. Eagle Claw Hidden Deck Fastening System Details Decking boards must have a dado […]

DynaGrip construction adhesives

New DAP DynaGrip Construction Adhesives Preview

DAP recently announced its new DAP DynaGrip construction adhesives including latex, solvent, and hybrid formulas designed to deliver bonds in a matter of hours in all weather conditions. DynaGrip adhesives are compliant with stringent Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) regulations and appropriate for installation of subfloors, drywall, heavy remodeling, and new construction. Our Take on DAP […]

2016 national hardware show coverage

2016 National Hardware Show Coverage

Vegas is the place to be, baby. At least it’s the place to be every May to attend the National Hardware Show. This trade show attracts buyers from all kinds of retail outlets to peruse the latest in tools, fasteners, gear, and lawn and garden equipment. At least that’s the part Pro Tool Reviews pays […]