October 17, 2021

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Hardware & Fastener Reviews

When Pro Tool Reviews does hardware and fastener reviews, we cover a lot of products. To us, hardware and fasteners include all types of screws, nails, deck clips, deck fastening clips, and other devices you may find in the hardware aisle of your local retailer or supplier. We’ve covered the new Senco Mantis deck clip system, the RemoveRite reusable screws for construction, Makita Impact Gold bits, and more. Hardware and Fastener Reviews in the Field We have even delved into more technical considerations of fasteners. Case in point is our article Are Impact-rated Bits Worth the Money? and Should I Use Square, Philips or Torx Drive Deck Screws? We even discuss the best nails for pressure treated lumber and fastener drive types. Finally, without the right fastener, your decking, framing, or carpentry project can fall apart…literally. Fasteners make the project, and knowing which can hold up is important. This is another reason to also check out the Pro Tool Innovation Awards. They highlight the most innovative fasteners in the industry that help solve a problem or change the way we employ fastening in projects.

self-drilling plastic drywall anchors

Using Self-Drilling Plastic Drywall Anchors

There are many times you need to hang a product on a wall, but can’t necessarily locate a stud. Instead of banging your head against the wall (this never works, only makes big holes), we’ll usually reach for a Buildex Twist-N-Lock E-Z Anchor. These drywall anchors are extremely versatile and come in many different configurations – from light duty to heavy duty. This makes them applicable for almost any use and they can carry from 30 to 85 pounds per fastener. The Buildex Twist-N-Lock fasteners themselves are made from either nylon or zinc and have a unique feature.

Grip Rite Galvanized Coil Roofing Nails

Grip Rite Galvanized Roofing Nails

Grip-Rite’s Collated Coil Roofing Fas’ners are held together with wire and are perfect for use with nearly all coil-style roofing nailers. They are available in sizes ranging from 3/4″ to 2″ in galvanized (both smooth and ring shank), and from 1″ to 1-1/2″ in stainless steel. Each nail has a 3/8″ broad head. We used a box of 1-1/4″ galvanized to, among other things, roofa 400 square foot addition. The nails loaded easily and the coils retained their shape, thanks to the double wire weld collation method. This made loading easy and jams were infrequent, though the last nail in a coil would often fall away loose within several of our nailers.

Tapcon Concrete Anchors Review

Tapcon Concrete Screws Review

What makes Tapcons so popular is that you simply drill a hole using a hammer drill (if you don’t have one, see our best cordless hammer drill article to see which we think are the best) and then drive the Tapcon concrete screws in place. There are no inserts, so the anchors themselves are the very thing that bites […]

EverMark EverJamb Exterior Door Frame Review

EverMark Ever Jamb Exterior Door Frame Kit Review

We know the scenario all too well, the exterior door is fine but the lower parts of the jamb are rotted and falling apart. Once the rot is discovered, most of the time the wood is too far gone and sometimes the easiest solution is put in a new pre-hung door. With an EverMark replacement EverJamb, there now is a reasonable solution to repairing the jamb without replacing the door.

GE AccessPoint KeySafe Key Safes

GE AccessPoint KeySafe

While strolling the floor at the 2009 IBS in Vegas, we almost walked right past the GE Security Booth and it was in a quick second look that we realized that these guys are into tools as well. They are in the business of protecting your tools and projects. Lock boxes and key safes are not just for the Realtors any more.

best nails for pressure treated lumber

Best Nails for Pressure Treated Lumber

Depending on the type of pressure treating the wood was subject to will, in part, determine the type of fasteners that can be used. Never use common or bright finished nails. Never use sheet rock type screws or steel screws without any plating or coatings on them. For most applications use either hot dipped galvanized nails and bolts or for screws it is suggested to use ones that have a protective coating that is designed for use with pressure treated lumber.