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Milwaukee M12, M18 Force Logic Press Tools

Milwaukee Force Logic Press Tool Preview

We don’t do a lot of copper and steel pipe pressing, but we know plenty of high-end plumbers who do. For them, pressing tools are either laborious hand tools that take a lot of effort, or expensive solutions that bolt onto existing tools or come in oversized packages which are less than ideal for repetitive use. Milwaukee interviewed a lot of plumbers and then delivered what we believe to be one of the (if not “the”) smallest, lightest tools for copper and steel pipe press connections. Milwaukee is calling the new tools their ForceLogic Press Tool line. We’ll explain the “Logic” part later, but the tools all feature a one-handed, in-line design, so they are super-easy to wield. For offset piping, the inline design is also indispensable. And that “logic” part? Milwaukee also designed an intelligent press solution that delivers exceptional accuracy and reliability.

Ridgid RP 210-B 18-volt press tool

Ridgid RP 210-B 18-volt Press Tool Preview

RIDGID shows off how less is more with their new press tool. The RP 210-B is more than 2 inchs shorter and 25% lighter then the previous compact press tool. This model comes with an incredibly long service interval of 30,000 cycles and an improved 270 degree swiveling jaw and barrel. Merge these features with the dependability of 18V Lithium-Ion batteries and you have a winning combination.