Prest-on Insta-backs Drywall Fasteners Review

Prest-on Insta-backs Drywall Fasteners Review

We ran into Kirk Conville of Prest-on while walking around the International Builders Show. As soon as I saw their booth, where they were demoing (live) their Insta-back Drywall Fastener products, I was captured. Little did Kirk know that I had a project that perfectly matched his solution. You see, I had just installed a television mount overtop a fireplace – and I had done it incorrectly. As a result, I needed to make a drywall patch – and one that I had been dreading for some time. Looking at the Prest-on project, I was feeling a lot more confident, and downright excited to get started.

self-drilling plastic drywall anchors

Using Self-Drilling Plastic Drywall Anchors

There are many times you need to hang a product on a wall, but can’t necessarily locate a stud. Instead of banging your head against the wall (this never works, only makes big holes), we’ll usually reach for a Buildex Twist-N-Lock E-Z Anchor. These drywall anchors are extremely versatile and come in many different configurations – from light duty to heavy duty. This makes them applicable for almost any use and they can carry from 30 to 85 pounds per fastener. The Buildex Twist-N-Lock fasteners themselves are made from either nylon or zinc and have a unique feature.