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DeWalt Impact Sockets DWMT74739

DeWalt Impact Sockets DWMT74739

There’s no tool combination more iconic of a garage than a ratchet/impact wrench and socket set. From small to large, they quite literally deal with the nuts and bolts of automotive and industrial applications. We may wonder if the world really needs another set with so many manufacturers in the market (answer: yes, of course!), […]

OSHA impact rated contact lenses

OSHA Impact Rated Contact Lenses Expect Approval

In a surprise move, OSHA is expected to approve impact rated contact lenses that meet the current Z87 impact requirements. New lenses that meet the standard will officially be listed under OSHA 20170401.Z87C. Lenses that exceed the impact standards will be able to carry a “Z87C+” designation. This is the same designation listed for typical […]

GearWrench Impact Socket Sets - GearWrench 84949N socket set

GearWrench Impact Socket Sets Preview

9 New GearWrench Impact Socket Sets Available This Month GearWrench will be adding nine new impact socket sets beginning this September. This will be an addition to their existing impressive impact product line. The new GearWrench impact socket sets are made from impact grade chrome molybdenum alloy steel for exceptional strength and durability. To reduce […]