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SnapRays Guidelights day

SnapPower SnapRays Guidelights Review

I don’t evangelize particular tools or accessories. I just don’t. A good product will excite me, but it rarely gets me telling everyone I know about it in a way that makes me come across like a giddy schoolboy telling his buddies about his first kiss. Here’s the problem: SnapPower put out a product I can’t ignore. In fact, […]

Here Come the LED PAR38 Floodlights

For a while now I’ve been wondering where all the outdoor LED floodlights were. After all, wouldn’t that be the logical place for super high-power solid state lighting technology? Turns out they’ve been around, but more and more venders are starting to bring new products to market and prices are continuing to drop – making […]

Leviton's New Universal LED, CFL, and Incandescent Dimmers

Leviton Universal Dimmers for LED, CFLs, and Incandescents

One interesting thing has been coming to light regarding the recent push for more energy efficient CFL and LED bulbs: traditional dimmers simply don’t cut it. Even if you don’t get the out of control flickering and lack of low-power start-up that is possible when combining a traditional dimmer with an LED bulb, you will, […]

Cree Makes New XLamp High-Voltage LEDs More Efficient

Cree XLamp High-Voltage LEDs More Efficient

Unless you’ve been living on the moon for the past year (in the dark, no less), Cree LEDs seem to be taking over in terms of revolutionizing lighting. If you thought LED lighting was still primarily made up of those tiny diode-looking things, you haven’t paid attention to the market. These LEDs are flat, and […]

LEDs Coming to a Fixture Near You

LEDs Coming to a Fixture Near You

According to a study released by Osram and Siemens, LEDs are superior to incandescents and CFLs in almost every way. The study looked at multiple aspects of light bulb use and manufacture, including costs (including environmental ones) for manufacturing, transposing, and disposing of LEDs. When compared to incandescent bulbs and compact florecent lights (CFLs), the […]