OxyLED MD50 Flashlight Review

OxyLED MD50 flashlight
PTR Review
  • Brightness 10.0
  • Durability 7.0
  • Battery Life 5.0
  • Value 10.0
  • Features 7.0

There's a lot to like about a 500 lumen flashlight that costs less than $20. Add to that a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and an IPX6 splash-proof rating and you have a compelling LED flashlight.

Overall Score 7.8 (out of 10)

There’s been a tremendous amount of new flashlights to hit the market since the price of Cree LEDs dropped, and more and more manufacturers have access to the systems and lenses required to manufacture quality LED flashlights. We got ahold of the MD50, a 500-lumen model from OxyLED which hits the market at a remarkably low price point—just $19.99. Why is that unusual? Because the flashlight features a removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, or it will alternatively operate on three AAA batteries and it’s IPX6 rated for water resistance in heavy rain. This is a flashlight that, in the past, should cost upwards of $50 (see our Coast HP7 flashlight review for reference). Let me break down this new product by the features and numbers.

The OxyLED MD50 has a push/pull focus run that adjust from a tightly-controlled spot to a wide field of light. It’s easy to use and it feels well-guarded against dirt and water intrusion. That bears well with the claimed IPX6 rating and is essential for any flashlight that you expect to use outdoors. The MD50 is lightweight, and it’s easy to carry. You don’t get a bet clip or case with the flashlight, but it slides easily into a back pocket or the side pocket on a backpack.

OxyLED MD50 flashlight Cree T6 LEDThe OxyLED MD50 uses a Cree T6 light source which can easily put out the claimed 500 lumens but is likely tunable by the supplied battery power and desired runtime. In the case of the MD50, we can confirm the light output is very much in line with what we’ve seen from 500 lumen systems, and this is a really bright lamp that will work well for spotting and other applications. We didn’t do any drop-testing or destructive testing—primarily because the manufacturer doesn’t make any claims as to it having such features. rather, we focused on real-world use tests and comparisons to other known models we have on hand or have utilized in the past. This Cree LED light source is very durable and rated to last approximately 50,000 hours—making it not only bright, but extremely long-lasting as well.

cree LED T6
This is what a 10 Watt Cree T6 LED looks like. We won’t say this is identical to the one used in the MD50 (because we didn’t fully disassemble it), but it’s very very close.

Brightness and Focusability

The OxyLED MD50 is a very “blue” light, but that’s also what contributes to it’s excellent output lumen levels. For nighttime use, we found that we could get an inordinate amount of light output from the flashlight. For $19.99, it’s really hard to imagine how you get this much power and control for such a low price. Time will tell if there is any sort of early failure rate in the system, but based on what we can see from the physical design and components used, there’s no reason to expect a relatively long life out of the MD50.

OxyLED MD50 flashlight spot
Typically, you don’t see the actual outline of the Cree Led, but with the focus of the OxyLED MD50, you can. This is the pattern displayed when you pull the focus ring all the way out, yielding the “spot” mode for the flashlight.

We used a known quality for comparing light output levels, a 1.3-gain true-white projector screen. Comparing the OxyLED MD50 with a Coast HP7 flashlight with about half the lumens, it was clear that the additional lumen rating of the MD50 wasn’t just a powerless boast. It clearly outshines the 251 lumens of the HP7—in both spot and “washout” modes. Take a look at the comparison:

OxyLED MD50 flashlight spot compare
Left is the Coast HP7 251 lumen flashlight and the OxyLED MD50 500 lumen model is on the right. The focus on the MD50 is extremely precise—so much so that there’s very little overspill in spot mode. When you pull the focus ring back, the resulting spread is nice and even, casting a very wide sphere of light from the front of this very capable LED flashlight.

One issue with such a narrow focus in spot mode is that you lose, in the dark, much of the helpful side-spill that can help you negotiate your way. I like a small amount of spread in spot mode and the OxyLED MD50 has as close to zero spread as I’ve ever seen. Another is battery life. We measured considerable drop off in light output after about 30 minutes of use in high mode. You’ll want to keep this in mind if you intend or need to use the flashlight at full output for a longer duration. Recharging the battery takes around 4 hours with the included charger (and the battery must be removed to charge, you don’t just plug into the flashlight).

OxyLED MD50 flashlight white


I’d have to say that it’s hard not to recommend the OxyLED MD50. For under $20 you get a super-bright LED flashlight that comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and the ability to work from AAA battery power as well. Given the IPX6 rating and the overall feel of the flashlight, this should be a very popular product indeed for those looking for a lightweight, economical flashlight.

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