June 18, 2021

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GearWrench 40-Piece Tap and Die Sets

Gearwrench 40-Piece Tap and Die Sets

GearWrench Tap and Die Sets Innovate We’ve used a variety of tap and die sets over the years. GearWrench has two 40-piece tap and die sets that look very handy for cutting new threads. The two kits give you the option of cutting threads in either SAE or Metric. Gearwrench makes these kits available in […]

Champion XLT Tapper

Champion XLT Tapper: 10X Tapping Speed Made Easy

“Let’s get out our drills and play hole tapping in steel!” said no one ever. The process of drilling a hole, then manually working your tap and die set to finish off a perfect match. It’s time-consuming and inefficient. Even if you only need to tap the hole without threading the bolt, most people don’t look […]

Review8.6(out of 10)
Senco SCN65XP 15-Degree Coil Nailer

SpeedTaps Thread Tap Set Video Review

Conventional tap sets can be a pain to use. The SpeedTaps thread tap set can save you time and money, especially when you have a lot of holes to tap and fasteners to drive. We review Speed Taps to see if they truly are 14x faster than conventional taps. No more need for square-head taps […]

Kobalt 46-piece SAE Tap, Die and Drill Set Review

Kobalt SAE Tap and Die Set Review

Everyone has experienced a stripped bolt or nut. It can leave you feeling helpless – unless you have a good tap and die set handy. Kobalt introduced its 46-piece Tap and Die Set to take away that dilemma and provide you with the tools necessary to fix that nut or bolt right up. Of course, you can also use a good tap and die set to take a bare piece of steel rod and turn it into a threaded one. For most, however, you’ll use this to fix a bad bolt, nut, or threaded socket – and those are the tasks for which this level of set is best suited.

How Do I Use a Tap & Die Set?

How to Use a Tap and Die Set

When using a tap & die set, it’s important to understand the terms. “Tapping” is when you cut, or recut threads into a hole or nut. You use a “die” to cut or repair threads onto a bolt. Anyone who has worked on vehicles long enough has likely dealt with this issue in the form of a stripped socket or cut off bolt which has to be re-threaded.