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Review9.0(out of 10)
Ridgid 18V folding panel light

Ridgid 18V Hybrid Folding Panel Light Review

Ridgid’s 18V Hybrid Folding Panel Light Keeps You Working When The Sun Calls It A Night Many contractors and tradesmen work in dark places like attics or crawlspaces. Sometimes, even outdoor construction comes to a halt once the sun sets for the night, regardless of how much work is left. In these cases, you need […]

Metabo HPT 18V Cordless 4000-Lumen LED Work Light

Metabo HPT 18V Cordless LED Work Light Brightens Up Dark Days And Nights With looming construction deadlines, many contractors need to work as long as they can. Whether that’s extending the long days of summer, pushing deeper through the short days of a northern winter, or working where the sun doesn’t shine, a good work […]

Ryobi 18V Magnifying LED Clamp Light PCL664B

Ryobi One+ 18V Magnifying LED Clamp Light PCL664B

See Your Work In A New Light With Ryobi’s Magnifying LED Clamp Light Whether you’re a beginner hobbyist, an avid collector, or even a working Pro, the Ryobi magnifying LED clamp light has something for everybody. Check out how its illumination and magnification settings could benefit you both on and off the clock. Ryobi Magnifying […]

Ryobi 18V One+ Clamp Light Models

Ryobi 18V One+ Cordless LED Clamp Light

Ryobi Expands Lighting Options With Cordless LED Clamp Light Models With more than a dozen different LED light models, Ryobi’s lineup of lighting solutions now includes two clamp lights. Capable of clamping to a variety of surfaces across many work and recreational applications, Ryobi hopes these tools won’t leave you in the dark. Ryobi 18V […]

Review9.4(out of 10)
Flex 24V Modular Dual Power Tower Light Review FX5141-Z

Flex 24V Modular Dual Power Tower Light Review FX5141-Z

Flex 24V Modular Dual Power Tower Light Adds Versatility to Popular Design We love tower lights. They throw a lot of light from a variety of heights and pivoting heads let us direct the most light where we need it. The Flex 24V Modular Dual Power Tower Light looks like it fits right in with […]

EGO 56V Cordless 10,000-Lumen Area Light | New for 2022

EGO 56V Cordless Area Light Illuminates Your Life With Unique Design The EGO 56V cordless area light takes the popular lawn care brand into the lighting sector for the first time. This isn’t some dinky flashlight, though. EGO came out hitting on all cylinders with a ton of output and a design that’s different from […]

Hart 20V Cordless LED Work Lights

Hart 20V LED Work Lights Have All Your Home Projects Covered Any homeowner can tell you that it never hurts to have a few different portable lights handy. Between power outages and household projects, Hart 20V cordless LED work lights provide cost-effective and convenient illumination for just about anything you might run into. Hart 20V […]

wearing Wurth dual LED light around neck

Wurth Hands-Free LED Dual Work Light

With 200 total lumens produced by two independently pivoting LEDs, I got a lot of use from the Wurth Hands-Free LED Dual Work Light (model 0827500073). This versatile headlamp alternative lets you wear it around the neck or head while offering a couple of distinct advantages. I used it in the shop for several weeks […]

Gearwrench Wing Light with Underhood Rack

Gearwrench Wing Light with Underhood Rack

The rechargeable 1000-lumen Gearwrench Wing Light with Underhood Rack beams out brilliant, clean light. Since it moves along the rack, there’s no area under the hood it can’t cover. The light also comes off the rack to become a flashlight or spotlight that uses a magnet to stick to other areas of a vehicle. I’ll […]

Southwire LED Rechargeable Worklight

Southwire 2000-Lumen Rechargeable LED Work Light Hands-On Review

Small Southwire Work Light Casts Big Illumination We can’t ever seem to get enough worklights. With LEDs being so inexpensive and useful, it doesn’t look like we need to curb our addiction anytime soon. The Southwire Rechargeable LED Work Light makes a great addition to our ever-expanding collection of lights. It’s small enough to carry […]