October 23, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

work station

Review9.1(out of 10)
Milwaukee 52-Inch Mobile best garage work bench

Milwaukee 52-inch Mobile Work Bench Review

Last summer we raved about the Milwaukee 60-inch Mobile Work Station and there was more than a little discussion on who was going to get it. In the end, Clint DeBoer played the Editor-in-Chief card and claimed it for review. That’s not something he does often, but when he does, it’s typically for something really solid. […]

Review7.3(out of 10)
Portamate Portacube STR Miter Saw Work Station

Portamate Portacube STR Miter Saw Work Station

Many challenges accompany our work. Perhaps the most common is creating a sufficiently large and conveniently located work surface so we’re not setting tools all over the ground/floor and not spending time walking back and forth all over the jobsite. The solution is usually to make a large work surface out of some sawhorses and […]