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Hammer Reviews & Pry Bars

We love hammers. All types. Sledge hammers, dead blow hammers, mallets, framing, and finish hammers. Our hammer reviews and pry bar reviews take into account their use on the jobsite. Our aim is to understand whether titanium hammers are more healthy, whether stainless steel flat bars outperform steel, and who makes the best framing hammer. Hammer Reviews and Pry Bar Reviews for the Jobsite Opinions are commonplace, and no one agrees on the best hammer. Our hammer reviews help break down the differences. Pry bars are the same—and there are a scant few who will pony up the money for a titanium flat bar over a reliable Vaughn Super bar. Still, while the mantra “to each his own” holds true, we can at least investigate what makes these common tools…uncommon. As we compare, perhaps it will help Pro tradesmen come to their own conclusions when shopping for these handy prying and striking tools. After all, on the jobsite the main goal is always to get the job done.

Hart 21 oz. Milled Face Steel Framing Hammer Review

Hart 21 oz Milled Face Steel Framing Hammer Review

For some, a hammer isn’t all that important. If you’re serious about tools, however, or a framer by trade, a hammer is an extension of your arm and something you use almost all the time. With that being the case, issues like weight, features, and balance become very important. In fact, when you’re striking nails almost non-stop, it’s possible to actually calculate the time-is-money factor, and you’ll see that your choice of hammer becomes something that could net you literally hours of labor-savings over the course of a year. It was with that mentality that we turned our fascination to Hart’s line of Mill-faced Steel Framing Hammers.

Stiletto Stainless Steel Flat Bars Review

Stiletto Stainless Steel Flat Bars Review

We first got a chance to check out the new 15″ Stainless Steel Stiletto Flat Bar and 12″ Clawbar Nail Puller w/Dimpler at the 2011 International Builders Show. These are beautiful bars that just might be too pretty to actually want to use! They are heavier than Stiletto’s Titanium Pry Bars, but they are also far less expensive. These bars are designed for the serious professional, however and certainly not targeting the rank and file user. These tools are high-end and very much for those who want the very best look for their tools. You know who you are – and for the rest, well, Stiletto probably doesn’t have you in mind, nor will we assume that these pry bars are meant to have mass market appeal.

SOG F06TN-CP FastHawk Tomahawk - application

SOG F06TN-CP FastHawk Tomahawk Review

While it might not be every day that a tomahawk is needed, The SOG F06T-N FastHawk is a good choice if you have to clear some scrub off your land or maybe if you looking for something to throw at a target. This tactical tomahawk is very compact and lightweight which lends itself well to backpacking and working in the woods around your home. With a fiberglass reinforced nylon handle that is securely fastened to the head with two bolts and a steel ferrule, you can be sure you can put your back into it and it won’t break. With quite a menacing look, the blade comes sharp from the factory, yet the spike on the back side is not sharpened. As good as it is at chopping, we found it makes a pretty good throwing hatchet as well, which is exactly what we would expect from anything that is called a tomahawk.

Stanley 55-099L FuBar Utility Bar Review

Stanley FuBar Utility Bar Review 55-099L

Every now and then you find a special tool. The kind of tool you wonder how you ever did without. The kind of tool that really, truly, makes you want to go break something. The Stanley FuBar is that tool. We all know what FuBar stands for: Functional Utility Bar. Right. The, um, “original” meaning is a bit closer to the truth as this tool will wreak havoc on any demo project, allowing you to disassemble walls faster, pull off drywall with more efficiency, and punch through lathe and plaster like it was paper mache.

Stiletto 12oz Titanium Remodeler Hammer Review

Stiletto 12 oz Titanium Remodeler Hammer Review

The Stiletto 12oz Titanium Remodeler Hammer with a hickory handle and a straight claw might not be the latest tool on the market, but it is definitely among the best. We have had the last few months to really put this hammer through its paces and we finally agree with the Stiletto tag line of “Powerful – Painless – Lightweight.”

Stiletto Titanium Flat Bars Review

Stiletto Titanium Pry Bars Review

Stiletto titanium flat pry bars weigh 45% less than a typical steel flat bar of the same size. They also offer better shock resistance. Really, though—they’re just plain cool because no one else has one! Stilletto calls these bars: Powerful, Painless and Lightweight. We had to check out the Stiletto titanium flat pry bars first […]

powerstrike hammers

The Claw Hammer vs Framing Hammer Debate

Picking the right tool for the right job will mean less user fatigue and a more professional job when done. Framing hammers come in a wide variety of configurations and sizes and make the job of driving big nails easy.

Stiletto Titanium Pry Bars

Stiletto Titanium Flat Bars

Stiletto is getting ready to launch a new line of high performance, super lightweight, titanium pry bars. By combining the latest technology, materials and innovation, these pry bars are destined to be some of the best available.

Vaughan super bar

Vaughan Super Bar B215 Pry Bar

Vaughan tools are made in the USA and their XL Superbar 21″ pry bar is among the most versatile and useful tools you’ll ever come across. It’s useful for tighter applications that don’t require brute force or an inflexible pry bar. Its integrated nail puller and “shepherd’s crook” rocker make it a great tool for demo and removing and replacing trim. If you don’t have one of these, stop reading and go buy it… We’ll wait.

Vaughan Bear Claw Nail Puller

Vaughan Bear Claw Nail Puller

The Vaughan BC series of Bear Claw nail pullers are simply tools you want to have lying around for when you really need them – and believe me, we’ve encountered endless opportunities for them to shine. From nail pulling in tight quarters, to quick pry jobs that demand a lighter, gentler prybar, the Bear Claw nail pullers seem to really excel at getting the job done.