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In this subcategory our plumbing tool reviews cover hand tools and power tools. Everything suited specifically for the plumber or plumbing tradesmen shows up here. That includes PEX crimpers, butane torches, pipe cutters, drain augers, and other plumbing tools. For finding things behind walls, our inspection cameras comparison offers some key products in that area. Plumbing Tool Reviews for the Tradesman Specific tools in this section include the Ryobi P4001 18V One+ drain auger and the Ridgid Telescoping basin wrench among others. You also have larger, more commercial products like the Milwaukee M12 Force Logic press tool and the Ridgid 238-P powered soil pipe cutter. A combination of great hand tools and power tools in this category will help plumbers work smarter. Better tools can help plumbers work faster, but they can also reduce effort. The best tools can also simplify the number of tools needed to get a job done.

Lenox 8" Diamond Cast Iron Reciprocating Saw Blade Review

Lenox 8 Diamond Cast Iron Reciprocating Saw Blade

Anyone who has ever gone through the process of attempting to update, remove or otherwise cut into cast iron pipe will find a new appreciation for Lenox Diamond reciprocating saw blades. Cast iron is an incredibly dense, thick metal and it is frequently used in older homes for sewage ventilation and drainage. Tying into this pipe entails a cut across 4-inches of the toughest stuff you’re likely to encounter. To accomplish the task, you’ll need much more than a basic metal reciprocating saw blade.

BernzOmatic Quickfire torch sweating copper

BernzOmatic Quickfire Torch Review BZ9400QFK

With a profile and design that looks more like a battery powered drill, the new BernzOmatic BZ9400QFK Quickfire Hand Torch is trigger operated, super compact and packs in a 3600 deg F. flame. With the gradual phase out of MAPP gas fuel for hand torches; this torch is designed to use the new Max Power Propylene fuel which operates at about the same temperatures.

TWI International Flaring Tool Set

TWI Flaring Tool Set

TWI International is a Taiwan-based company that produces lots of forged products, some of which end up at places like Lowe’s. TWI’s Flaring Tool Set is a solid, durable product that will easily flare copper piping. The tool’s folding bar is made with heat treated alloy steel and it has a drop forged carbon steel yoke and wing nuts. The tool can be used to flare 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 7/16″, and 5/8″ OD copper tubing. We used it for a gas line and it was the perfect solution. At just over $10 at our local home improvement warehouse it was something we decided to try out and it really paid off in it’s performance.

PermaFlow PF-07001 Never Clog Drain

PermaFlow Never Clog Drain PF-07001

The PermaFLOW Never Clog Drain is a unique device that prevents clogs by allowing the homeowner to twist a dial to move the clog through the pipes. It’s designed to help easily remove the drain buildup before it becomes a problem and removes the need for plungers, drain cleaners, and of course disassembly of the drain. The shape of the PermaFLOW Self Cleaning Drain is designed to increases turbulence which helps reduce the continuous and typical buildup of dirt and debris, preventing blocked drains.

Ridgid SeeSnake DVDPak Monitor

Ridgid SeeSnake DVDPak Monitor

Ridgid is continuing their efforts to expand the SeeSnake line of drain / sewer inspection equipment with their new SeeSnake DVDPak Monitor which is easy way to have a permanent record of an inspection. Using the recently launched DVDBase recording accessory as a foundation, the DVDPak Monitor gives you the option of a 5.7″ LCD or a 4.3″ OLED color display.

Ridgid 65S stainless steel tubing cutter

Ridgid 65S Quick-Acting Tubing Cutter

The new Ridgid 65S Quick-Acting Tubing Cutter has been designed for optimized performance on stainless steel tube. This new tubing cutter is based on Ridgid’s already successful line of cutters that cover a wide variety of pipe, tube types and sizes. To make cuts faster there is a Quick-acting mechanism that rapidly adjusts to different sized tubing.

Ridgid 65S stainless steel tubing cutter

Ridgid 65S Stainless Steel Tubing Cutter

The new Ridgid Model 65S Stainless Steel Quick-Acting tubing cutter is designed to make quicker cuts to stainless steel and other metallic tubes such as steel, zinc, copper and aluminum. The tubing cutter features something Ridgid dubs the “X-CEL” knob – a larger, ergonomic knob which gives the user a more firm grip allowing more force to be applied when cutting through tubing. It makes the process faster and easier. The 65S comes with a spare wheel that is stored in the knob and the X-CEL’s wheel pin allows for rapid, tool-less wheel changes.

Ridgid RP 210-B 18-volt press tool

Ridgid RP 210-B 18-volt Press Tool Preview

RIDGID shows off how less is more with their new press tool. The RP 210-B is more than 2 inchs shorter and 25% lighter then the previous compact press tool. This model comes with an incredibly long service interval of 30,000 cycles and an improved 270 degree swiveling jaw and barrel. Merge these features with the dependability of 18V Lithium-Ion batteries and you have a winning combination.

Flair-It Plus Plastic PEX Fitting Assembly Tool

Flair It Plus PEX Fitting Assembly Tool

We met with a representative of Flair-It Plus who demonstrated to us a new tool for joining PEX tubing to an all-new range of plastic fittings. The tool is going to be priced at under $50 and will be available later this year. What’s exciting is that it eliminates all brass fittings and seems perfect for markets such as California, Nevada and other states which have extremely corrosive water and eat brass fittings quickly.