Lenox 21011 TC138 Tubing Cutters Review

Lenox copper tubing cutter

The Lenox 21011 TC138 Tubing Cutters will handily cut pipe diameters from 1/8″ to 1-3/8″. We found that the four rollers keep the tubes from threading. The cutters have a “full-stop” feed system that brings up the tool short before the wheels and rollers contact each other. It only takes a screwdriver to change the wheels and extra cutting wheels can be stored in the handle. You can also cleanly and easily de-burr pipes with the replaceable machinist’s reamer. For a more compact tool you can check out the Lenox Tight Space Tubing Cutters 14833TSK.

Lenox Tubing Cutter Overview

The tool is ergonomically designed and seems like a real go-to tool for professionals. We liked how well the four rollers held our test pipes in place and kept them from slipping – often resulting in a skewed or “threaded” cut. This cutter made clean cuts every time and the machinist’s reamer allows you to de-burr the pipe once it is cut.

To use it you simply place the pipe within the cutters, screw down the cutting wheel until it touches the tubing and then rotate the cutters around the pie, cranking down the cutting head once every revolution. You can purchase cutting wheels for plastic, stainless steel, and copper applications. The included wheel is perfect for cutting copper piping.

Lenox 21011 TC138 Tubing Cutters Features

  • Won’t Walk While Cutting – Four roller tracking system keeps tube from threading
  • Professional Deburring – Cleanly and easily deburr pipes with the replaceable machinist’s reamer
  • Will not Damage Cutting Wheels – Full-stop feed system prevents wheels and rollers from coming into contact
  • Easy to Use – Change out wheels with only a screwdriver
  • Convenient Storage – Store an extra cutting wheel in the handle

This tool isn’t for the casual user due to its rather high price (this is not your entry-level cutters), but it is perfect for the professional who can’t afford bad cuts and wants an ergonomic tool that can handle lots of use. We highly recommend this tool and find it to be a perfect fit for the plumbing pro.

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