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2 Comments on "Lenox Tight Space Tubing Cutters 14833TSK"

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As a full time plumber in the field, I purchuched these cutters and was really disappointed by there preformence after just few field cuts. I bought hem from my wholesaler who can’t even get replacement wheels. After about a dozen cuts, the 1/2 and 3/4 cutters are useless and will no longer cut. I have oiled them and tighten screws I feel the tension spring in the cutters are the problem and fail far too short of what they should be. I work for a small plumbing and heating company, four of my coworkers have all complained of the same… Read more »
Frank Grammo

you are right , these guys make great hole saws but the tight space tubing cutters are junk. Called lenox and they said 90 day warrantee . thats a joke I have had rigid cutters for years and no problems . Smithfield Supply out of Rhode Island just shuffled their feet and said I would have to go to the sales people to get it straightened out. No thanks