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Snow Joe iON 40-Volt Cordless Snow Blower

Snow Joe iON 40-Volt Cordless Snow Blower

There are only few times that I’m hoping it snows here in Pennsylvania—Christmas Eve, New Years, and when I get a new toy that requires snow to operate. In October, I got the Snow Joe iON 18SB 40 Volt Cordless Snow Blower in the mail to review. Our headquarters is based out of Florida, where […]

Review9.4(out of 10)
Fein MultiMaster FMM 350 Q

Fein MultiMaster FMM 350 Q Review

Bigger. Faster. Stronger. Have you ever noticed that every year, car companies use the same words to describe their new models? Words like sleeker, faster, efficient, aerodynamic, etc.  When they say this year after year, it makes me wonder why they didn’t just skip the last 10 revisions and jump straight to the “sleekest.” It’s kind […]

Review8.5(out of 10)
Lenox tight copper tubing cutter

Lenox Tight Space Tubing Cutters 14833TSK

Sometimes the smallest tools can get you out of the biggest jams. The Lenox Tight Space Tubing Cutters 14833TSK serve as a great example. At Sturm Plumbing, we do a lot of repairs to existing work. We often need to work around other plumber’s installations. At least once a week I shake my head in disbelief […]

Milwaukee M18 4 tool kit

Milwaukee M18 4 Tool Kit

“Buy quality tools, and they’ll last you a lifetime.” This phrase, which I learned from my dad, was burned into my mind when I was in high school. Every so often, I thank him for teaching me this valuable lesson at such a young age. The last time I bought a cordless combo kit was about […]

Review9.0(out of 10)

Ridgid 238-P Powered Soil Pipe Cutter Review

I feel very fortunate to be a plumber in 2013. Any time I’m having a hard day or am frustrated with a certain job, my dad will tell me a story about how he had to do that same job 35 years ago. It would usually go something like, “I never had a helper, so […]

Review8.8(out of 10)
Fein MultiMaster attaching blade

FEIN MultiMaster Cordless Kit AFMM 14 Review

Everyone has that one tool they could never live without. For some people it’s as simple as a pencil. For others, it’s an accurate level or a trusty hammer. But for me, it’s the Fein MultiMaster—which is why I jumped at the opportunity to review the FEIN MultiMaster AFMM 14 Cordless Kit. This German engineered tool […]

Review9.3(out of 10)

Lenox 17 Piece Plumbers Hole Saw Kit Review

I love tools. Big tools, small tools, power tools, hand tools, you name it—but I didn’t realize I had such an obsession with tools until I started receiving them in the mail to review. It brought me right back to my childhood…opening Christmas presents and the anticipation of tearing through the wrapping not knowing what […]

Milwaukee M12 Force Logic Press Tool Tames Copper

My Father, who’s been a master plumber for over 40 years, loves his job. There is, however, one thing that he hates to do more than anything else: soldering. You’d think it would be something like digging up a sewer line, squeezing into a dark crawlspace or one of the other not-so-glorious plumbing procedures, but […]