What is the Best Way to Cut Copper Piping? News & Opinion

What is the Best Way to Cut Copper Pipe?

A copper tube cutter is the best way to cut copper pipe because it will insure a straight, even cut and will not deform the pipe shape. If you use a hack saw, you will be left with a jagged edge that will need to be cleaned up before you can work with it. Copper tubing cutters come in all sorts of sizes and you can get systems that can access both narrow, crowded areas as well as spaces where you may be able to utilize more leverage when you’re cutting the pipe.


The price of tube cutters varies from just a few dollars and goes up from there. Even the lower priced tube cutters typically work well for simple weekend warrior work. Th bottom line is that you want to match the quality of tool with the expectation on the amount of work you have to do. It’s worth spending more if you intend to get a lot of life from the tool or if you’re a plumbing professional who’s looking for a top that will last for years to come.


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