Best Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer Reviews

Best Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer Reviews

When you’re making the switch away from gas or corded power to battery power, hedge trimmers are a great place to start. They’re not as power-hungry as mowers and chainsaws, so they can run a long time without strapping a monster-size battery to it. The best battery-powered hedge trimmer models make the transition easy and save you the frustrations of gas engines and extension cords.

Best Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer for Pros

Stihl HSA 130 Series Hedge Trimmers

Stihl’s HSA 94 series hedge trimmers are excellent, but the HSA 130 series steps up to another level for commercial landscape crews. They take the battery off of the tool, shifting it to your belt or back and reducing the overall weight in your hands to 9 pounds.

If you’re familiar with Stihl’s hedge trimmer lineup, the “R” and “T” designations are already familiar. If not, the HSA 130 R offers three speeds: 2800, 3000, and 3200 SPM. Its strong motor combines with a 1/5-inch capacity specifically to handle applications that include pruning.

The HSA 130 T targets high-speed cutting, and does so impressively. Geared to 4400, 4700, and 5000 SPM cutting speeds, you’ll make quick work of your customer’s regular trimming and shaping.

Best Battery-Operated Hedge Trimmer for Homeowners

EGO 56V Power+ 26-Inch Brushless Hedge Trimmer HT2601

EGO 26-Inch Corbon Fiber Hedge Trimmer 21

The HT2601 is EGO’s longest hedge trimmer at 26 inches. Its dual-action blades deliver up to 3,400 strokes per minute to give you fast, clean cuts. Plus, it has a 1.2-inch cutting capacity.

However, it’s the carbon-fiber rail of this hedge trimmer that has people talking This is an industry first, and it’s designed to make the tool lighter but still durable enough to deal with the rigors of landscaping. In fact, the rail has a lifetime warranty, so those of you who are skeptical of the strength can rest easy. As for the weight, it’s 6.9 pounds as a bare tool and 9.8 pounds once you add a 2.5Ah battery.

Price: $179.00 bare, $259.00 kit with a 2.5Ah battery and charger

Best Battery-Powered Pole Hedge Trimmer

Husqvarna HE520 Series Pole Hedge Trimmers

Looking to the professional side of Husqvarna’s cordless hedge trimmer line, there are a couple of extended-reach options worth considering. The only significant difference between the 520iHE3 and 520iHT4 is that the HE3 has a fixed 11.5-foot reach and the HT4 has a telescoping handle that extends up to 14.8 feet.

Both models feature an articulating head with 22-inch knives. Taking them clearly into the realm of professional needs, they cut at a fast 4000 SPM and have a 1.26-inch capacity packed into a weatherproof (IPX4) design. Overall, these are the best pole hedge trimmers we seen so far.

Price: Starts at $469.99 bare

Best Lightweight Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer

Makita 18V LXT Hedge Trimmer XHU07

Makita’s XHU07 18V hedge trimmer is a model we keep turning to frequently. Running on a single 18V battery, it’s lightweight and one of the lowest vibration models we’ve tested. Since Makita’s 18V X2 platform uses the same batteries, you’re not excluding yourself from tools on either their 18V or 36V performance level.

We love that you can rotate the handle hit angles more comfortably and that you can switch out the 24-inch knives for 30-inch ones. Alternatively, you can just buy the XHU08 and get the 30-inch knives as the standard set. Add in a jam-clearing reverse function and super-fast 4400 SPM speed with incredibly low vibration, and you begin to see why we recommend this model so readily.

This one’s not cheap, however, the best hedge trimmer is one you’ll actually use, and we keep coming back to this one.

Price: $284.00 bare, $439.00 kit with two 5.0Ah batteries and a charger

Best Value Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer

Greenworks Pro 60V Brushless Hedge Trimmer HT60L211

Greenworks ended up in a heated race with Ryobi and EGO for our pick as the best cordless hedge trimmer for homeowners. It takes the win for the best value with 26-inch knives and a higher 3200 SPM top speed with a 1.2-inch cutting capacity and a rotating handle.

It also sports a 180° rotating handle and its improved battery placement balances the weight out nicely. While it weighs just over 10 pounds with a battery, the balance makes it less fatiguing than other models with a similar weight.

Price: $169.99 bare, $219.99 kit with a 2.0Ah battery and charger

Best Budget Battery Hedge Trimmer

Skil PWRCore 40 Brushless Hedge Trimmer

When Skil relaunched with the PWRCore 12 and PWRCore 20 power tool lines, we quickly learned to expect surprisingly good performance for the price. The lawn care side of their business is making a similar reputation for itself and Skil’s PWRCore 40 brushless hedge trimmer follows suit. With 24-inch knives and 3000 strokes per minute, you can get this 8.5-pound model (yes, that includes the battery weight!) for way under $200. Whether you’re a homeowner on a budget or looking for a lightweight option, Skil checks off both boxes beautifully.

Price: $159.99 kit with a 2.5Ah battery and PWRJump fast charger

More Best Battery-Operated Hedge Trimmers From Brands We Trust

Best Craftsman Cordless Hedge Trimmer – V20 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer CMCHTS820

Now that Craftsman has moved away from the V60 line and is focusing on the V20 platform, your residential cordless hedge trimmer options are more limited and there aren’t any brushless models to choose from. However, Craftsman’s brushed CMCHT820 is an excellent lightweight option. Sporting 22-inch knives and a 3/4-inch stroke length, it’s less than 8 pounds with a 2.0Ah battery.

One of the things Craftsman does differently is to add a saw blade to the end of the knives that can cut through branches up to 1 1/2 inches thick. It’s not nearly as easy as a chainsaw or reciprocating saw with a pruning blade, but you don’t have to stop what you’re doing and grab another tool.

Price: $129.00 bare, $159.00 with a 2.0Ah battery and charger.

Best DeWalt Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer – 20V Max 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer DCHT820

While the DeWalt 60V Max 26-inch hedge trimmer is still available at some retailers, it’s no longer showing up on DeWalt’s website, leading us to believe that its highest-performing cordless hedge trimmer is on its way out. Looking at what the 20V Max line has to offer, there are no brushless models (other than the 60V). There’s still a good choice, though.

The 22-inch DCHT820 is a lightweight option with a lighter 2800 SPM and 3/4-inch cutting capacity than some of its competitors. With that level of performance, this is suited better as a supplementary tool for Pros and can be a primary tool for homeowners.

Price: $169.00 bare,$219.00 with a 5.0Ah battery and charger

Best Echo Cordless Hedge Trimmer – 56V eForce 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer DHC-2300

Echo only has one hedge trimmer on its 56V eForce platform and like several others, it uses a brushed motor. The knives offer a 22-inch reach with a solid 1.1-inch cutting capacity. For speed, you’re looking at a mid-range 3180 SPM. Those primarily concerned with weight will like that Echo keeps it in check with a working weight of 9.2 pounds, including the 2.5Ah battery. For high-voltage hedge trimmers targeting homeowners, it’s worth adding to your list.

Price: $179.00 bare, $249.00 kit with a 2.5Ah battery

Best Greenworks Hedge Trimmer – 82V Commercial Pole Hedge Trimmers

While the 60V line is our top choice for homeowners, Greenworls’ best hedge trimmers are on its Commerical line. With three pole hedge trimmers to choose from, these 82V models bracket the needs of professionals well. Each model sports a 4300 SPM cutting speed and a 1.2-inch cut capacity.

The short pole version (82PH30F) has a 24-inch fixed head and weighs just 11.9 pounds with a 2.5Ah battery. Its 30-inch shaft gives the tool a total length of 76 inches.

If the mid-length fits your needs better, there’s a fixed head (82PH40F) and what we prefer, an articulating head option (82PH53A), both with 24-inch knives. Featuring a 53-inch shaft, you’re looking at an overall length of 99 inches and a working weight of 13.6 pounds.

Finally, there’s a telescoping model that drops to a 20-inch knife length but maintains the same speed and capacity as the others. The total length ranges from 82 to 102 inches and the operating weight is 15.5 pounds. Even though the knife length is a little lower, this is the model we’d choose if we could only pick one.

Price: Starts at $329.99

Best HART Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer – 40V Brushless 26-Inch Hedge Trimmer HLHT021VNM

HART put together a complete package with its first 40V brushless hedge trimmer. With 26-inch knives and a 3000 SPM speed, it’s capable of taming branches up to an inch in thickness. It also has a 180° rotating handle. Weighing 9.4 pounds, it’s very reasonable in that department as well. If you have large hedges to trim around your home, this is a very good option that balances price, performance, and design.

Price: $207.99 with a 2.5Ah battery and charger

Best Milwaukee Cordless Hedge Trimmer – M18 Fuel Quik-Lok with Head Trimmer Attachment

Milwaukee has a couple of standard-design battery hedge trimmers but our favorite is the articulating hedge trimmer attachment for the M18 Fuel Quik-Lok system. With the powerhead set to high, you get a 1-inch cutting capacity and 3500 SPM cutting speed.

On its own, the powerhead and attachment work great as a short shaft pole hedge trimmer. When you need more capacity, add an extension to gain another three feet of reach. While Milwaukee has traditionally targeted Pros who want to supplement their gas tools, this is a battery-powered option that can be your primary hedge trimmer/multi-tool.

Price: $179.00 attachment only, $508.00 kit with a powerhead, string trimmer attachment, hedge trimmer attachment, an 8.0Ah High Output battery, and charger

Best Ridgid Cordless Hedge Trimmer – 18V Brushless 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer R01401

Ridgid stepped out of the gate with its first OPE product in 2023. For its first hedge trimmer, you get a 22-inch set of knives with a 1-inch capacity that runs at 2700 SPM. Where Ridgid’s design excels is in the weight department. With a single 18V 2.0Ah battery, the working weight is just 7.7 pounds, making it one of the lightest models we recommend. Plus, it has a rotating handle. Ridgid fans, rejoice!

Price: $189.00 bare, $229.00 kit with a 2.0Ah battery and charger

Best Ryobi Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer – 40V HP Brushless Whisper Series 26-Inch Hedge Trimmer RY40660VNM

With cutting capacity coming into focus, Ryobi’s HP Brushless RY40660VNM hedge trimmer just mic-dropped its competition, and most of the Pro brands with a massive 1.5-inch cutting capacity. That pairs with a 2-speed design that runs at 2800 or 3200 SPM. The strong performance comes with a weight cost, though, and this model is a bit heavier in hand than true lightweight models.

On the feature side, there’s a rotating handle and Ryobi’s Hedge Sweep to push cutting away as you cut. It’s also part of the Whisper Series, so you know you’re going to get quieter operation that won’t leave you reaching for hearing protection.

Price: $279.00 bare, $329.00 with a 2.0Ah battery and charger

Best Stihl Cordless Hedge Trimmer – HLA 135 Series Pole Hedge Trimmer

Stihl’s HLA 135 series pole hedge trimmers have three options to choose from. No matter which one best fits your crew’s needs, these are legit professional-grade trimmers that have the performance and durability to work for long hours every day. In fact, the gearbox, shaft, and knives are the exact same as what Stihl uses on the gas-powered HL 94 series. They’re all brushless and feature 24-inch knives with three cutting speeds of 3200, 3600, and 4000 SPM. From there, it’s all about style and weight.

The HLA 135 has a 145° articulating head section. Shifting to the HLA 135 K (145°) model, you get the same articulating head on a short shaft and lose the D-handle. Finally, the HLA 135 K (0°) keeps the short shaft and uses a fixed head.

The downside is that Stihl doesn’t offer a telescoping model, so if you want one trimmer that can shift between short and extended shaft duties, this isn’t it. On the plus side, these are made in the USA using global materials.

Price: Starts at $449.00 bare

Best Toro Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer – 60V Flex-Force 24-Inch Hedge Trimmer

Toro’s 60V hedge trimmer has been around for a few years already and is a reliable option. It cuts at 3200 SPM with a 3/4-inch cutting capacity. While that’s on the low side compared to some of our recommendations, it’s still more than enough for most maintenance cutting and can handle some moderately neglected hedges.

This model includes the rotating handle we like to see and is one of the lighter models that use a high-voltage battery system. With the 2.5Ah battery, it’s 9.2 pounds. If you’re looking for high value, the 2.0Ah kit sits in a pretty sweet spot.

Price: $129.99 bare, $169.99 kit with a 2.0Ah battery and charger, $209.99 with a 2.5Ah battery and charger

Types of Hedge Trimmers

In general, there are four main types of hedge trimmers you can get that work on battery power. They each have their place and some property owners may find a use for more than one style. We focused on traditional design for this article, but many of the brands we recommend make some or all of these styles.

  • Traditional hedge trimmer: uses forward/back reciprocating knives to cut branches as you sweep the trimmer side-to-side
  • Pole hedge trimmer: takes the traditional hedge trimmer knives and puts them on an extension pole for greater reach
  • Articulating pole hedge trimmer: adds a pivoting action that lets you trim under, over, and angled across hedges
  • Grass shears/topiary trimmer: short traditional hedge trimmer or side-to-side shears that help you shape hedges more precisely than other designs

Note that some pole hedge trimmers are standalone tools while others are part of a multi-head attachment system.

Battery Hedge Trimmer Buying Guide | What We Look For

Power Source and Motor

If a hedge trimmer is the first piece of battery-powered lawn equipment you’re buying, pay close attention to the battery platform you’re buying into. 18V/20V max models might be tempting because of their lower weights, but you might find that the string trimmers, blowers, and mowers aren’t as strong as you’d like. That’s not as big of a deal if you don’t mind having multiple batteries and charger types, but we prefer the convenience of having one set of batteries to run everything. Most often, the battery-powered lawnmower is what drives the right system for you.

Makita uses the same batteries for their 18V and 18V X2 products, and DeWalt FlexVolt batteries are backward compatible to 20V Max tools, giving you an option to run both higher power OPE for some tools and 18V/20V Max on others.

Hedge trimmers are one of the tools that can be highly effective with a brushed motor. However, we still recommend the benefits of a brushless motor if it’s within your budget.


Depending on the height of your hedges, you might be spending significant time with your hedge trimmer at chest height or higher and weight plays a big part in fatiguing your arms. Choose the lightest hedge trimmer that has the power to tame your hedges to make the task more bearable.

Vibration Control

After weight, vibration is another area to consider as you look to combat fatigue and increase comfort. The lower the vibration, the better. If you can find a cordless hedge trimmer that has both low weight and low vibration, grab it without hesitation.

Knife Length

The longer the hedge trimmer knives (AKA blades), the quicker you can shape up your hedges. Longer knives can also help keep you from bending over as far to get to the base of hedges that reach the ground. 24 inches is a pretty good baseline to look for. Some models offer 26 inches and Makita even has one option that gets you 30 inches of cutting length.

Cutting Capacity

Most of the time, a hedge trimmer with a 3/4-inch cutting capacity is plenty. You can find stronger models that can cut 1 inch and some Pro models even go beyond that if you need more.

Price and Value

For many of us, price is the first consideration and we immediately discard any recommendations that are outside our budgets. As you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, consider the performance and design of the hedge trimmer, other compatible tools you might want to add later, and the warranty service. If you already have battery-powered lawn care tools, look at adding a hedge trimmer that’s already on the system and buy the bare tool to save some money.

Features That Can Make Using a Hedge Trimmer Easier

  • Dual-action knives
  • Rotating head
  • Reverse/anti-jam
  • Tip guard
  • Debris sweeper
  • Hybrid AC or battery power

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