Flair-It Plus Plastic PEX Fitting Assembly Tool Plumbing Tool Reviews

Flair It Plus PEX Fitting Assembly Tool

We met with a representative of Flair-It Plus who demonstrated to us a new tool for joining PEX tubing to an all-new range of plastic fittings.  The tool is going to be priced at under $50 and will be available later this year. What’s exciting is that it eliminates all brass fittings and seems perfect for markets such as California, Nevada and other states which have extremely corrosive water and eat brass fittings quickly.


Compatible with PEX tubing made to ASTM F876 or F877, the new Flair-It Plus fitting system combines a plastic sheath and custom fitting that when squeezed together by the affordable tool, results in a plumbing fitting that is guaranteed not to leak.

Note: UDEL polysulfone (PLS), a product of BP Amoco Polymers, has a ten-year history of success in replacing brass components in pressurized hot water plumbing applications. Fittings made from UDEL polysulfone exhibit a hydrolytic and dimensional stability, a resistance to chlorine, a long-term hydrostatic burst pressure, creep resistance and an ability to withstand extremes of freeze conditions, qualities that make Udel polysulfone the material for fittings designed for the potable water plumbing systems of the future. The chemical structure of polysulfone is directly responsible for the excellent combination of properties that are inherent in the resins.

We’re big fans of PEX tubing for plumbing applications and if this year’s International Builders’ Show is any indication, PEX is rapidly making its face known in the industry as a viable and even desirable replacement for copper.


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