April 15, 2021

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Whether it’s cold hard facts or editorials by our professional staff, Pro Tool Reviews tells it like it is. We deliver a steady stream of power tool news for the construction and housing industry. Hopefully, this will keep you abreast of what’s happening in the construction industry. Our industry insights, articles, and editorials cover construction industry topics affecting professional tradesmen and business owners. Power Tool News & Opinion That Matters If you’re in the construction business—no matter if you work on the jobsite or in the office—you need to know what trends and tools are shaping the work you do. Our team delivers both news & opinion to keep you up to speed and ahead of the curve. Because of this, you can be in the know with respect to OSHA regulations, modern construction methods, and therefore any other developments taking place that could affect your work. While our power tool reviews and hand tool reviews let you know what’s hot from the manufacturers. For everything else, you’ll want to stay tuned to our news and opinion editorial coverage.

How Power is Restored After a Storm

How the Electric Company Restores Power After a Storm

When a major storm hits, widespread power outages are a given. Back in 2017, Hurricane Irma scored a direct path through our city. Afterward, we got a close look at how power gets restored after a storm. As it turns out, we have some very smart professionals who manage, operate, and repair our local electrical […]

6 Construction Trends to Look for this Year

Do You Need Every Job? When to Say No

Do you need to take every job that comes your way? You know the feeling. The phone rings, and it’s a new client with a new job. You’re happy about the call and eager to set up the appointment. Your company policy has always been to take on anything and everything—from small decks to remodels […]

Best Remodeling Ideas for Raising Home Value What Pays Off

Best Remodeling Ideas for Raising Home Value: What Pays Off?

Homeownership has its benefits. One of those benefits is that you have the real opportunity to make it your own space. Yank out those old kitchen cabinets and replace them with a whole new look. But which are the best remodeling ideas for raising your home value? Will knocking out that center wall really “improve the […]

How To Tile A Shower

How to Tile a Shower: Tiling a Shower Like a Pro!

So you’re looking for tips on how to tile a shower. I’m glad you landed here! I’ll give you some quick pointers from many years’ of experience from two starting points. Step 1 of How to Tile a Shower – Get a Clean Start A client tasked us with turning a tub into a shower, […]

Hammer Drill vs Drill | Skil PWRCore20 Heavy-Duty Brushless Hammer Drill Profile

Hammer Drill vs Drill: What’s the Difference?

So you’re at the hardware store looking for a new cordless drill and you see a couple of options that look almost the same. The only difference you can see is that one is called a hammer drill, or a hammer drill driver to be more precise. In fact, looking closely at the hammer drill […]

ace hardware vs home depot

Ace Hardware vs Home Depot | Retailer Show-Down!

I can’t tell you how many times people have asked my opinion about shopping at Ace Hardware vs Home Depot. To understand my answer, you’d have to take into account a lot of information I’ve gathered over the years as well as how much I value small business. When you look at these two stores, […]

Sola Big Red 3 Box Spirit Level Action Drawer

Check Bubble Level and Rafter Square Accuracy

Whether you’re just starting out or have worked for years in the trades, you should know that tools need to stay accurate. One of our favorite tool maintenance tips centers around how to check bubble level and rafter square accuracy. Levels can get knocked out of level if they are roughly treated or dropped one […]

repair fill cracked concrete joints

How to Repair Concrete Expansion Joints

Repair Concrete Expansion Joints Early to Save Time and Money Thanks to botched install (not one of our crews), we had the pleasure of restoring concrete expansion joints at a local church. If you’re not sure how to repair concrete expansion joints or you’re looking for an easier way to get it done, you’ve come […]

Troubleshooting & Fixing Electrical Problems with Home Appliances

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Electrical Problems with Home Appliances

Not every seemingly broken appliance requires a service call. The most common problems with household appliances are mechanical in nature. You may have a broken or worn-out component (such as a switch or motor). A loose wire or a bad connection can also cause easily-fixable problems. If they want to, any homeowner can learn how […]

best tool maintenance tips

Best Tool Maintenance Tips for Hand and Power Tools

Most of us want our tools to last as long as possible and so every tool needs a little TLC (Tool Longevity Care) sometimes to remain at its working best. Here are some tool maintenance tips to get the most life out of your tools. Tried and True Rust Prevention Tip SC Johnson Paste Wax, […]