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Whether it’s cold hard facts or editorials by our professional staff, Pro Tool Reviews tells it like it is. We deliver a steady stream of power tool news for the construction and housing industry. Hopefully, this will keep you abreast of what’s happening in the construction industry. Our industry insights, articles, and editorials cover construction industry topics affecting professional tradesmen and business owners. Power Tool News & Opinion That Matters If you’re in the construction business—no matter if you work on the jobsite or in the office—you need to know what trends and tools are shaping the work you do. Our team delivers both news & opinion to keep you up to speed and ahead of the curve. Because of this, you can be in the know with respect to OSHA regulations, modern construction methods, and therefore any other developments taking place that could affect your work. While our power tool reviews and hand tool reviews let you know what’s hot from the manufacturers. For everything else, you’ll want to stay tuned to our news and opinion editorial coverage.

How to Change the Wheel Bearings on Your Trailer

How to Change Wheel Bearings on Your Trailer

Changing Wheel Bearings Is Messy But Not Too Difficult Easy To Do On Your Own As I pulled my boat out of the garage and began to head down the road, it was immediately obvious something wasn’t right. The presence of a rhythmic thudding but no flat tire meant I had a bearing issue. My […]

How to Read a Tape Measure

How to Read a Tape Measure – Tips and Photos

Reading a Tape Measure Can Be Easy If You Know What to Look For Learning how to read a tape measure is one of the first things any Pro or DIYer has to learn. If the old adage “measure twice, cut once” is true, you’ll never get to the cut if you don’t know what […]

touch up landscaping before house sale

Is The American Dream of Home Ownership Ending?

Rising Prices And Competition Are Pushing Families Out Of The Housing Market For the 4+ decades that I’ve been alive, the American Dream has always included home ownership. For many people, it’s more of an expectation than a dream. For those saving and working to get into their first home, that dream is beginning to […]

Caterpillar Move To Texas

Caterpillar (CAT) to Move Global Headquarters to Irving Texas

Construction Giant Caterpillar Sets Sights on the Dallas-Fort Worth Area Caterpillar, one of the largest manufacturers of heavy construction and mining equipment, released a statement that it plans to move its global headquarters from Deerfield, Illinois to Irving, Texas. It joins the likes of Tesla, Google, Samsung, Oracle, Hewlett Packard, Charles Schwab, and over 125 […]

GoBuild business financing feature

GoBuild Payments for Contractors Who Want to Grow

GoBuild is a construction payments solution that makes it easy to access cash from your projects faster so you can grow your business without taking on debt. With the GoBuild Payments Product, you don’t need to take out loans to grow your business and pay your subcontractors on time. One of the biggest growth challenges […]

Father’s Day 2022 Gift Guide Video

Need gift ideas for Father’s Day 2022? How about 30 of them? Here at Pro Tool Reviews we’ve gathered tons of gifts covering the power tool, outdoors, clothing, and food categories and put them all into one gift guide to make sure that every Dad out there doesn’t have to go without this Father’s Day. […]

Hart 20V Brushless Hammer Drill Review

How To Use A Drill: Tips From The Pros

Learn How To Use A Drill And Unlock Its Versatility Knowing how to use a drill is like Power Tools 101 – just pull the trigger, right? That’s how a lot of people use this tool, and they do just fine. You can, however, get more out of your tools with a little knowledge. Our […]

Switching from Gas to Battery-Powered Lawn Care Equipment

Switching from Gas to Battery-Powered Lawn Care Equipment Is Becoming a Reality for More Commercial Pros As our culture continues to look for ways to turn away from fossil fuels to cleaner energy, outdoor power equipment is squarely in the crosshairs for many individuals and organizations. Switching from gas to battery-powered lawn care equipment is […]

Smart Tech in Power Tools – Do You Need It? Video Podcast

Systems like Milwaukee One-Key, DeWalt Tool Connect, Bosch Connected Ready, and Makita AWS give you next-level functionality of your power tools. Smart Tech gives us the ability to track tools via Bluetooth or GPS, customize and save settings, and even report diagnostics and real-time data for professional report building, but is it worth the additional […]

Tools You Need For a Hurricane

How to Prepare for a Hurricane – Crucial Tips from Floridians

Nearly every year we buckle down in Florida for the latest stream of hurricane craziness. It’s nothing to make light of—however, it also carries with it a sense of regularity. That regularity breeds people who take care to know how to prepare for a hurricane so they don’t have to panic when it hits. If […]