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Whether it’s cold hard facts or editorials by our professional staff, Pro Tool Reviews tells it like it is. We deliver a steady stream of power tool news for the construction and housing industry. Hopefully, this will keep you abreast of what’s happening in the construction industry. Our industry insights, articles, and editorials cover construction industry topics affecting professional tradesmen and business owners. Power Tool News & Opinion That Matters If you’re in the construction business—no matter if you work on the jobsite or in the office—you need to know what trends and tools are shaping the work you do. Our team delivers both news & opinion to keep you up to speed and ahead of the curve. Because of this, you can be in the know with respect to OSHA regulations, modern construction methods, and therefore any other developments taking place that could affect your work. While our power tool reviews and hand tool reviews let you know what’s hot from the manufacturers. For everything else, you’ll want to stay tuned to our news and opinion editorial coverage.

Flex Founders Lifetime Warranty

Flex Founders Lifetime Warranty – Everything You Need to Know

When we first heard about the Flex Founders Limited Lifetime Warranty, we thought it was a great way to incentivize professionals to consider a new power tool and battery platform. It isn’t every day that a brand launches with dozens of new tools and a plan to release dozens more over the next couple of […]

Hilti Nuron Power Tools and Battery Technology

Hilti Nuron Power Tools and Battery Technology – Hands-on Testing

In late 2021, Hilti invited Pro Tool Reviews and a couple dozen of its “closest friends” to Switzerland. We attended the world debut of both Hilti Nuron battery technology (Note: Nuron, not Neuron) and updated power tools. Releasing around 70 tools at the event—mostly featuring brushless motors—the launch was one of the largest we’d seen […]

Makita World of Concrete 2022

Makita Gears up for 2022 WOC

Makita is returning to the 2022 WOC (World Of Concrete) in Las Vegas next week. They plan to have an expansive and interactive booth in the new Diamond Lot outdoor exhibit area. Makita will present a full range of demonstrations for contractors. They plan to show off more cordless solutions that deliver lower noise, less […]

Clint Using a Table Saw

Table Saw Guide: How to Use a Table Saw

The heart of most woodworking shops is a table saw. Even when you have the choice of using a Festool track saw, panel saw, or any of the various types of miter saws, the table saw still reigns king for most woodworkers. Of all the tools, the best table saws provide tons of versatility. With […]

christmas tree stand hex bolts impact driver

Hack Your Christmas Tree Stand to Use a Power Tool

So this year I finally decided to hack our Christmas tree stand so I could use a power tool to secure it. I have no idea why I didn’t do it sooner. In any case, I finally had my fill of painstakingly twisting the L-style bolts into the base of the stand. I was dead-set […]

10 Ways Tradesmen Can Make Baseball Better During the Lockout

10 Ways Tradesmen Can Make Baseball Better During the Lockout

With Major League Baseball in the midst of a lockout, the lack of players around the grounds makes for an excellent opportunity for contractors and tradesmen to make the game more interesting when it returns. Here are 10 ways we’d make baseball better with a trade-focused approach. Making Baseball Better With Stadium Renovations #10 Move […]

Lithium Prices Increasing as Demand Grows and Supply Shrinks

If you thought the price of your favorite power tool batteries already hurt your wallet, there’s more bad news and it’s not just inflation. According to a Fox Business report, battery prices could increase thanks to simple supply and demand. A while back, we wrote about a potential lithium-ion battery shortage as we watched the […]

10 Best Vacation Cities for Architecture-Loving Contractors

10 Best Vacation Cities for Architecture-Loving Contractors

If you’re a contractor who appreciates great workmanship, getting away from the 9:00 to 5:00 (or 7:00 to 7:00) opens up the opportunity to experience some of the best architecture America has to offer. The nice thing is, excellent architecture tends to be close to great food and entertainment, making it easy to take along your […]

power tool manufacturers parent companies

10 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Power Tools

If you’re not using power tools professionally, it can be difficult to separate the difference between quality and garbage. If you’re buying new power tools and overwhelmed by the options, we have some tips just for you. When you’re done reading this, check out our buying guides to help you choose specific tools. Top Mistakes […]

Stanley Black and Decker Completes Acquisition of MTD Holdings and Excel Industries

Stanley Black and Decker Strengthens Portfolio with Acquisitions in Outdoor Power Equipment Industry Stanley Black and Decker (“SBD”) announced today that it has successfully completed the acquisition of both MTD Holdings Inc. (“MTD”) and Excel Industries (“Excel”). Both MTD and Excel are industry leaders in the $25 billion+ outdoor power equipment market, and Stanley Black […]