October 22, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

bar clamp

Bessey EHK Trigger Clamp

Bessey EHK Trigger Clamp Hands-On Review

Bessey EHK Trigger Clamp Gives Your Hands the Break They’ve Needed We use clamps nearly every day and own a wide variety. To get a vise-like grip with a clamp is a pain in the neck. Well, pain in the hand, really. Of all the trigger clamps we use, that hand strain is the one […]

DeWalt Trigger Clamps

DeWalt Trigger Clamps: May the Force Be With You

All right, I let my inner Star Wars geek out a little bit on that title. The conversation about the DeWalt Trigger Clamps does boil down to The Force though – clamping force. Trigger clamps are one of those items that when you need them, you know you need them. What’s worse, you know that […]


JackClamp Bar Clamp Review

The Jackclamp is a unique animal from the minds at Lowell Thomas Tool that combines the function of a clamp system with a jack to provide a variety of uses. We’ll get into all of those momentarily, but first things first. When I took a look at the Jackclamp website (click here to see for […]