DeWalt Trigger Clamps: May the Force Be With You

DeWalt Trigger Clamps

All right, I let my inner Star Wars geek out a little bit on that title. The conversation about the DeWalt Trigger Clamps does boil down to The Force though – clamping force. Trigger clamps are one of those items that when you need them, you know you need them. What’s worse, you know that you passed right by them at the hardware store and just didn’t feel like spending $20 to get a pair. You know the C-clamps aren’t going to open wide enough and now you’re stuck mid-project. Ah, to have a shop like Seventeen/20 with all those lovely clamps just lined up waiting for use…

Time to remedy the situation and pick up a couple (or more) of the DeWalt Trigger Clamps. They come in four clamping strength sizes, each with their own clamping force specifications. There are also multiple lengths in each clamping size.

Dewalt Trigger Clamps Clamping Force

  • Small: 35 pounds
  • Medium: 100 pounds
  • Large: 300 pounds
  • Extra Large: 600 pounds

Available Lengths

  • Small: 4-1/2″ ($5.99)
  • Medium: 6″, 12″ (PTR recommends 12″ for most users – $9.99)
  • Large: 6″, 12″, 24″, 36″ (PTR recommends 24″ for most users – $24.99)
  • Extra Large: 12″, 24″, 36″, 50″ (PTR recommends 24″ for most users – $34.99)

DeWalt did a nice job with the design on these trigger clamps. The handles and bar ends are made from reinforced nylon. The bar uses heat treated steel. This is a very similar makeup to what we see in our favorite trigger style bar clamps, the JackClamp. Since we love the durability of the JackClamp, we’re pretty confident in what we’ll get from the DeWalt Trigger Clamps as well.

The bar is also reversible. A spring-loaded quick release on the large and extra-large models allows you to turn your clamp into a spreader with non-marring pads. We see several similarities between the DeWalt Trigger Clamps and the JackClamp, which is a compliment to the design. While it isn’t capable of everything that the JackClamp can do, DeWalt Trigger Clamps come at a better price. You also get up to 600 pounds of clamping force with the extra-large set.

If you’re really not sure what to start with, consider the Dewalt Trigger Clamp 4 pack. It comes with a pair of 6″ medium clamps and a pair of 12″ large clamps. This will handle most of your general clamping needs and currently runs $59.99. User reviews have generally been positive across the entire line.

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I picked up a few of these after HD had moved away from the Irwin brand clamps. I have a bunch of Irwin. Although they look similar, I’m disappointed with the DeWalt. They are not as well made and do not offer the same clamping pressure as the comparable Irwin models when used side by side. They are OK for light duty.

Thank you for saying “force” and not “pressure.” Oft confused.

Ray Curry on Facebook

use mine all the time need new ones they gettin old

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