HART Clamps For Woodworking and Projects

HART Clamps for Woodworking and Projects

HART is continuing to expand to meet the needs of DIYers and hobbyists. With HART clamps, they reach deeper into the woodworking sector with a variety of styles to help you produce outstanding results without breaking the bank.

HART Bar Clamps

HART bar clamps come in 6-inch and 12-inch sizes and we recommend grabbing a pair of each. They’re one of the most common types of clamps and have a wide range of uses on your projects.

Both sizes feature 2.5-inch throat openings and can hold with up to 600 pounds of clamping force. There’s a macro adjustment lever to make the initial connection and then a wood handle to dial in the force you want.

They also have removable no-mar pads that do a great job of ensuring even softwoods, such as pine, don’t take any damage while you’re clamping them.

Price: $9.97 (6-inch), $11.97 (12-inch)

HART Corner Clamps

Corner clamps are a must-have for woodworkers. Whether it’s picture frames, cabinets, or drawers, they solve the problem of holding wood at 90° while your glue dries.

HART’s design opens up to a generous 3 1/3 inches. Both sections of the clamp pivot and rotate, self-aligning as you turn the handle and bring force down on your material. The handle even kicks out by pulling it down and piuvoting to one side or the other to give you more traction. Of course, the clamping surface is non-marring, so your material looks as good coming out as it did when you put it in.

Price: $20.97

HART Strap Clamp

One clamp style that may be new to you is HART’s strap clamp but it’s actually very common in woodworking shops. Its purpose is to use a strap to completely surround a large piece and hold each side in towards the center. Whether it’s a picture frame, hexagonal box, or some other shape, you can clamp the entire piece at once instead of trying to glue one joint at a time.

HART’s version includes enough strap to cover 12 feet of linear clamping, four corner pieces, and the clamp itself with a twist handle at the base for tightening/loosing.

Price: $19.97

What clamps would you like to see HART come out with next? Let us know in the comments below!

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