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Review9.3(out of 10)

Bosch ProFactor 3/4-Inch Cordless High-Torque Impact Wrench Review

Bosch 18V 3/4-Inch Impact Wrench Brings A New Level Of Muscle To The Tool Box Professional industrial mechanics know the frustration of encountering seized-up nuts and bolts, especially when there’s just no room for a breaker bar. The Bosch ProFactor 3/4-Inch cordless high-torque impact wrench is one of several heavy hitters on the enhanced Bosch […]

Bosch Flexiclick drill with attachments

Bosch 18V FlexiClick Multi-Head Drill Driver Review

The Bosch 18V Flexiclick Drill/Driver (the Chameleon) presents a big dilemma for those Pros that are heavily invested in or partial to a different platform. With the recent addition of the SDS-Plus attachment, the Bosch GSR18V-535FCB15 doesn’t just excel at cabinetry, casework, and all other tight-spot drilling and driving, but also at light masonry tasks, […]

Bosch 1200-Lumen 18V Connected Light

Bosch 1200-Lumen 18V Connected Light GLI18V-1200C

Bosch’s 1200-Lumen Connected LED Area Light Brings Bluetooth to the Jobsite Good lighting becomes a necessity on many jobsites, whether it be a new construction project, a remodel, a painting gig, you name it. When you find that your work needs a decent area light, check out the Bosch 1200-Lumen 18v Connected Light. In addition […]