June 23, 2021

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Bosch 1200-Lumen 18V Connected Light GLI18V-1200C

Bosch 1200-Lumen 18V Connected Light

Bosch’s 1200-Lumen Connected LED Area Light Brings Bluetooth to the Jobsite

Good lighting becomes a necessity on many jobsites, whether it be a new construction project, a remodel, a painting gig, you name it. When you find that your work needs a decent area light, check out the Bosch 1200-Lumen 18v Connected Light. In addition to just being a bright light, it offers some pretty unique features, Bluetooth capability, a rugged build, and a sale price that won’t leave you feeling like a Millennial with home buyer’s remorse.

10-Second Summary

  • Model Number: Bosch GLI18V-1200C
  • 8,00 or 1,200 Lumens with two settings
  • 17.3 hours on low, 10.6 hours on high with an 8.0 Ah Core18V battery
  • Bluetooth capable – works with Bosch’s Toolbox App for light controls and diagnostics
  • IP64-rated
  • 5 setup positions with tripod threading
  • $99 bare tool

What’s The Big Deal?

Sometimes the best position for a work light puts it out of easy reach. This is where the Bosch area light’s Bluetooth feature comes in handy. This 1,200-lumen area light is fully controllable from your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Bosch 1200-Lumen 18V Connected Light


Using Bosch’s free Toolbox app, you can turn the light on and off, control the light’s brightness, put the light on a timer, and check the battery charge. This carry-along Bosch LED also has a fade-in function to protect you from temporary “flash blindness”. It’s a kind of soft start that we don’t see in most LED work lights.

Five set-up positions help you find the right angle to adequately light your workspace. It’s tripod friendly so you can get it off the ground with pounding a nail in somewhere.

Bosch 1200-Lumen 18V Connected Light

As far as runtime goes, Bosch tells us that you can get up to 17 hours running at 800 lumens with an 8.0Ah Core18V battery. Even at its full 1200 lumens, you get more than a full workday’s worth of light at 10.6 hours.

Aside from being helpful and convenient, the GLI18V-1200C also comes with the sort of features designed to withstand all the jobsite abuse you can throw at it. It has a protective roll cage to help avoid impact damage, and it carries an IP64 rating.


The bare tool is $99 and that’s a pretty fair price for the output and features you get. Most other lights in the price range don’t have Bluetooth connectivity, though some will give you a little higher output or more hanging options.

Bosch 1200-Lumen 18V Connected Light Specs

  • Model Number: Bosch GLI18V-1200C
  • Max Brightness: 1200 lumens
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Bluetooth Range: 100 ft
  • MSRP (bare tool): $97.01

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