May 16, 2021

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LED light

Review9.6(out of 10)
Milwaukee M18 Rover Dual Power Flood Light

Milwaukee M18 Rover Dual Power Flood Light 2366-20

Milwaukee is making major improvements to a couple of popular lights. We had the chance to get our hands on them early and compare them to the first generation. Those original models were solid. These make some pretty big improvements to both output and runtime… really big. Up first is the M18 Rover Dual Power […]

Emerson Appleton Contender LED Luminaires

Emerson Appleton Contender LED Luminaires

Low-Profile Emerson Appleton Contender LEDs Retrofit in Industrial Facilities Emerson Appleton has released a safe and economical solution for retrofitting a plant’s legacy HID lighting system to an energy-efficient LED system. The Appleton Contender LED Luminaires offer an energy savings of up to 65% when compared to HID lighting. And, with the low-profile design, these […]

Makita DML810 Cordless Upright LED Area Light Review

Makita Hybrid LED Light Stays Upright Makita has expanded its range of cordless lighting options again, this time with a job site LED upright area light that stays upright no matter how much abuse you throw at it. And, though the general design might be reminiscent of a classic children’s toy line, the Makita LED […]

Ryobi P782 Hybrid LED Tripod Light Review

This Ryobi LED Light Stands Up Tall Available now, the Ryobi Hybrid LED Tripod Light joins the brand’s ever-expanding line of 18V lighting solutions. And, not only is it bright, but with a variety of powering options and tower configurations, this light is pretty much the definition of “versatile.” Let There Be (Hybrid Power) Light […]

ironclad rechargeable led work light

Ironclad Rechargeable LED Work Light Review

When we received a package from Ironclad, we assumed we’d open it and find the latest gloves along with a few stickers. We were surprised to find two Ironclad rechargeable LED work light models. And, yes, there were some gloves as well.  Ironclad Rechargeable LED Work Lights Integrated Lithium-Ion Power Both lights feature an integrated […]

DeWalt DCL077

DeWalt DCL077 Task Light with Rotating Handle

DeWalt DCL077 Task Light Brings Simplicity to Jobsite Lighting The DeWalt DCL077 Task Light is an easy-to-use solution for lighting up the work in front of you. Compatible with the entire fleet of 12v/20V/60V batteries, this light makes an ideal option for anyone on the DeWalt cordless tool platform. DeWalt DCL077 Task Light with Variable […]

7 things to consider before switching to LED lighting

7 Things to Consider Before Switching to LED Lighting

LED lighting offers a number of benefits over traditional halogen lighting. It requires less maintenance, lights better and more evenly, and uses less energy. Many have made the switch for higher efficiency and cost savings. But, the up-front costs can be financially burdensome. Before you go breaking the bank trying to retrofit your entire workspace, […]

Gearwrench wing light and compact work light

Gearwrench Wing Light and Compact Work Light | New LED Lights

GearWrench seems to think mechanics don’t actually need more tools. What they need are better tools to replace the multitude of sub-par products they currently own. Case in point: the GearWrench Wing Light and Compact Work Light offer more ways to get the job done in low light, effectively eliminating the need for a larger […]


MagBulb Magnetic Light Bulb Socket | Are Screw-in Bulbs Obsolete?

Actual Game-Changer Alert! How many <fill in the blank> does it take to change a lightbulb? With the MagBulb Magnetic Light Bulb Socket, the answer is one. There’s no snappy punchline here. The MagBulb is just possibly the easiest way to change a lightbulb we’ve ever seen. Rather than relying on threading to hold your […]