October 21, 2021

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LED light

Emerson Appleton Contender LED Luminaires

Emerson Appleton Contender LED Luminaires

Low-Profile Emerson Appleton Contender LEDs Retrofit in Industrial Facilities Emerson Appleton has released a safe and economical solution for retrofitting a plant’s legacy HID lighting system to an energy-efficient LED system. The Appleton Contender LED Luminaires offer an energy savings of up to 65% when compared to HID lighting. And, with the low-profile design, these […]

Makita DML810 Cordless Upright LED Area Light Review

Makita Hybrid LED Light Stays Upright Makita has expanded its range of cordless lighting options again, this time with a job site LED upright area light that stays upright no matter how much abuse you throw at it. And, though the general design might be reminiscent of a classic children’s toy line, the Makita LED […]

Ryobi P782 Hybrid LED Tripod Light Review

This Ryobi LED Light Stands Up Tall Available now, the Ryobi Hybrid LED Tripod Light joins the brand’s ever-expanding line of 18V lighting solutions. And, not only is it bright, but with a variety of powering options and tower configurations, this light is pretty much the definition of “versatile.” Let There Be (Hybrid Power) Light […]

ironclad rechargeable led work light

Ironclad Rechargeable LED Work Light Review

When we received a package from Ironclad, we assumed we’d open it and find the latest gloves along with a few stickers. We were surprised to find two Ironclad rechargeable LED work light models. And, yes, there were some gloves as well.  Ironclad Rechargeable LED Work Lights Integrated Lithium-Ion Power Both lights feature an integrated […]

DeWalt DCL077

DeWalt DCL077 Task Light with Rotating Handle

DeWalt DCL077 Task Light Brings Simplicity to Jobsite Lighting The DeWalt DCL077 Task Light is an easy-to-use solution for lighting up the work in front of you. Compatible with the entire fleet of 12v/20V/60V batteries, this light makes an ideal option for anyone on the DeWalt cordless tool platform. DeWalt DCL077 Task Light with Variable […]

Gearwrench wing light and compact work light

Gearwrench Wing Light and Compact Work Light | New LED Lights

GearWrench seems to think mechanics don’t actually need more tools. What they need are better tools to replace the multitude of sub-par products they currently own. Case in point: the GearWrench Wing Light and Compact Work Light offer more ways to get the job done in low light, effectively eliminating the need for a larger […]


MagBulb Magnetic Light Bulb Socket | Are Screw-in Bulbs Obsolete?

Actual Game-Changer Alert! How many <fill in the blank> does it take to change a lightbulb? With the MagBulb Magnetic Light Bulb Socket, the answer is one. There’s no snappy punchline here. The MagBulb is just possibly the easiest way to change a lightbulb we’ve ever seen. Rather than relying on threading to hold your […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Southwire ProBuilt Hang-A-Light 120-Watt LED Review 1110120LED

Southwire ProBuilt Hang-A-Light 120-Watt LED Review 1110120LED

Southwire ProBuilt Hang-A-Light 120-Watt LED Blasts 15,000+ Lumens of Area Lighting LED lighting takes on many forms and Southwire’s ProBuilt brand makes some of the best in the business. The Southwire ProBuilt Hang-A-Light 120-Watt LED uses a steel safety cage and is designed to replace less efficient temporary lighting for construction and any application where […]

Bosch 1200-Lumen 18V Connected Light

Bosch 1200-Lumen 18V Connected Light GLI18V-1200C

Bosch’s 1200-Lumen Connected LED Area Light Brings Bluetooth to the Jobsite Good lighting becomes a necessity on many jobsites, whether it be a new construction project, a remodel, a painting gig, you name it. When you find that your work needs a decent area light, check out the Bosch 1200-Lumen 18v Connected Light. In addition […]

Klein Headlamp

Klein Rechargeable LED Auto-Off Headlamp

Tired of floppy elastic straps, unsatisfactory yellow light, and dead batteries on your headlamps? There are some better choices on the market! The Klein Rechargeable LED Auto-Off Headlamp is one of them, so don’t stay in the dark! Let’s see how it performs. Pros Silicon strap Excellent runtimes on its rechargeable lithium-ion battery Excellent value […]