Ryobi 18V One+ LED Hybrid Panel Light Review PCL631

Ryobi Hybrid Panel Light Covers a Lot of Area

Geared toward the working professional, the outdoor enthusiast, or just anyone who could use some versatile and portable lighting, the Ryobi PCL631 18V Hybrid LED Panel Light fits the bill. Not only does it let you fire off light in a variety of directions, but it lets you work with a couple of different power source options.


The Ryobi Hybrid LED Panel Light offers 3 lighting settings that can be cycled through by pushing the button at the top of the unit. The first push starts you out in high, blasting 3,000 lumens from its LED panels. The next press drops you down to 1,800 lumens, and another sets you to 1,000 lumens of light output. Hitting the button again turns off the light.

The light quality looks solid with a pretty even application. To our eyes, the light color has a slightly bluish temperature, likely around 5000K. We did notice that there was a slight outline on the outer edge of the light, but it’s almost imperceptible.

Ryobi PCL631 Hybrid panel light Pro Tool Reviews

The Ryobi Hybrid Panel Light features 3 panels that adjust to give you a ton of lighting options. The two side panels both give you 360º of rotation, while the front panel pivots up to 150º. The result is a wide area of coverage.

As previously mentioned, the Ryobi PCL631 is also part of the brand’s hybrid lighting lineup. This means that, while it will run on any battery on the Ryobi 18V platform, you can also power it using an extension cord and a wall outlet. We really like that we can use this light on a powered jobsite, or we can cut the cord if we need to. Using a 4.0Ah battery, this light provides just over 12 hours of lighting on the Low setting.

Design Notes

Ryobi also provides some mounting options that help us put the light exactly where we need it. First off, it features a wide base that should keep the light firmly planted on the floor or any other flat surface.

Ryobi PCL631 Hybrid panel light

With a battery in place, you also have the option of laying the light on its back. The battery itself provides a flat enough surface that helps you angle the light upward if needed.

Ryobi PCL631 1/4-inch mount

The PCL631 also features a built-in 1/4 in.-20 insert for tripod mounting, which can be helpful for elevating the light. Or, if you find yourself without a tripod, Ryobi also helpfully provides a couple of nail hangs on the bottom of the base so that you can mount the light to a wall.


You can pick up the Ryobi PCL631 18V LED Hybrid Panel Light now from your local Home Depot or online. It comes as a bare tool and retails for $104. Ryobi backs this light with a 3-year warranty.

The Bottom Line

We like the coverage and mounting options that the Ryobi Hybrid LED Panel Light provides. It’s a great “grab-and-go” lighting solution for a variety of applications. We grab it anytime we find ourselves working in dim conditions. However, we’re just as likely to grab it when we want to light up the back porch or a campsite.

We’ll also never complain about having the multiple power source options that the Ryobi Hybrid LED lighting line provides, and the Panel Light gives us the kind of flexibility we want.

Ryobi Hybrid Panel Light Specs

  • Model: Ryobi PCL631
  • Power Source: 18V One+ or AC Power Cord
  • Power Settings: 3
  • Light Output: 1,000/1,800/3,000 Lumens
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Price: $104

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