Ryobi 18V Hybrid LED Flood Light Review | PCL630

Ryobi PCL630 18V Hybrid LED Flood Light

Ryobi Adds Cost Effective LED Flood Light to Hybrid Lineup

Ryobi has added another option to their expanding line of inexpensive LED lighting. We like highly portable, bright, grab-and-go lighting. The only question is whether the Ryobi PCL630 18V Hybrid LED Flood Light will “shine” as a durable, daily workhorse for jobsite use.

Design Notes

With the Ryobi PCL630, you only really need to worry about runtime if you’re powering the flood light using any of the brand’s 18V batteries. In a move that we’ve really enjoyed seeing crop across the cordless LED stratosphere lately, Ryobi gives you the option to plug into any AC outlet using an extension cord. This almost feels like a new “standard” that everyone should adopt at this point.

Versatility is one of the characteristics that remains front and center of the Ryobi PCL630. In addition to the hybrid functionality, this light has several handy mounting options.

Like you’d expect, you can set the Ryobi Hybrid LED Flood Light onto the floor, using the 360º rotating head to cast light where you need it.

However, Ryobi has also included tripod mounting compatibility by providing a built-in 1/4 in.-20 insert. Or, if you’re in a space with exposed studs, Ryobi has designed the light with a groove that fits handily over 2x material.

Finally, the base of the Ryobi Hybrid LED Flood Light also features a cut-out in the base that lets you hang it from chain link in case you’re working outside.

Ryobi Hybrid Flood Light06


The first thing we look at when we consider jobsite lighting is how bright we can actually get the light. The Ryobi PCL630 cranks out a maximum of 1,800 lumens of light output on its highest setting. Based on our experience with lights, the lumens claim seems accurate. It puts out a nice bright even flood of light that covers a wide area.

The light feels a bit more refined than the older Ryobi P795 LED work light and certainly has more output (and more LEDs). While it casts a less powerful beam than the Ryobi P720 hybrid LED light (which uses a single large LED fixture), the color temperature is a more pleasing ~5000K.

If 1800 lumens seems a little too intense for any particular job, have no fear. This hybrid flood light has three settings that you can toggle by hitting the button at the top of the housing. Dropping the lumen output extends your runtime to up to 12+ hours when using a 4.0Ah battery.

We fired up the light in our shop and love the even spread it provides. This light makes for an excellent floodlight for outdoor work when tackling an emergency AC call or doing anything after dark.

Ryobi PCL630 flood light


You can pick up the Ryobi PCL630 as a bare tool at your local Home Depot or online. It retails for $59.97. Ryobi also backs this with a 3-year warranty.

The Bottom Line

The Ryobi PCL630 18V ONE+ Hybrid LED Flood Light presents a pretty solid option because of its flexible output levels, pleasing color temperature, and even spread. This is a great “grab-and-go light that you can toss in your work truck or van. You also can’t beat the myriad of hanging options.

I really like these single lights because they take up very little space compare to the halogen twin-stacks of old. At less than $60, Ryobi also makes it extremely affordable to pick up at your local Home Depot before you start your next job.

Ryobi Hybrid LED Flood Light Specifications

  • Model: Ryobi PCL630
  • Power Source: 18V One+ Batteries or any AC Power Cord
  • Light Settings: 3
  • Lumen Output: 600/1,200/1,800
  • Color temperature: ~5000K
  • Runtime: 12+ hours
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Price: $59.97

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