Emerson Appleton Contender LED Luminaires

Emerson Appleton Contender LED Luminaires

Low-Profile Emerson Appleton Contender LEDs Retrofit in Industrial Facilities

Emerson Appleton has released a safe and economical solution for retrofitting a plant’s legacy HID lighting system to an energy-efficient LED system. The Appleton Contender LED Luminaires offer an energy savings of up to 65% when compared to HID lighting. And, with the low-profile design, these luminaires provide lighting options for low clearance areas.

Emerson Appleton Contender LEDs

  • Low-profile retrofit luminaire for hazardous locations
  • Delivers the equivalent of 70W to 175W HIDs
  • Directly retrofits to legacy mounting hoods without an adapter
  • Three lumen output options and four interchangeable, field replaceable globes
  • Saves up to 65% over HID luminaires
  • Evenly distributed, low-glare white light
  • NEC/CEC and NEMA certified
  • IP66/67 and ABS certified

An Energy-Saving Alternative

Complementing the Appleton line of industrial-grade LED fixtures, the Contender line provides the Pro market with more retrofit alternatives for hazardous locations and low clearance areas. These luminaires provide the equivalent of 70W to 175W of traditional HID lighting to catwalks, walkways, stairwells, and tunnels.

Emerson Appleton Contender LED Luminaires

The Appleton Contender LED Luminaire directly retrofits to legacy mounting hoods without an adapter. This saves time and labor costs. They come in three different lumen output options, and four interchangeable and field-replaceable globes. Appleton claims the Contender Luminaires save you up to 65% over HID luminaires.

These luminaires provide evenly-distributed, low-glare white light that is perfect for difficult lighting applications. Petrochemical plants, refineries, food and beverage processing, wastewater treatment, and general manufacturing facilities would all benefit from Appleton’s low-profile lighting solution.

Ratings and Certifications

The Emerson Appleton Contender LED Luminaire line is NEC/CEC certified for hazardous locations rated Class I, Division 2, and Class I, Zone 2, Class II, Div 1&2, Zone 21 &22, and Class III. They are also NEMA Type 3R, 4, and 4X wet location certified. The lights carry an IP66/67 and ABS certification.

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