Makita 18V LXT Cordless Radio Lantern

Makita Leans Into The Outdoor Sector With The LXT Radio Lantern

Makita got everyone’s attention when it announced its Outdoor Adventure lineup, which brought a new design to some of its existing 18V LXT tools and equipment. The teal blue we’ve all come to know has given way to the new forest green design more fit for an outdoorsy focus. The latest product to get this redesign is the Makita Radio Lantern and we wanted to check it out.

Note: This lantern is a reskinned version of the XRM12 model to fit into the green Outdoor Adventure theme.

Makita Radio Lantern: Performance

Makita Radio Lantern
  • Achieves up to 310 lumens
  • Four LED modes
  • Two lantern brightness settings: 130 lumens and 310 lumens
  • Three lighting modes
  • FM radio runs up to 44 hours
  • Lantern runs up to 16 hours
  • Lantern and radio run up to 12 hours
  • Bluetooth audio connectivity

You have four LED modes (360° lantern, 3-side lantern, flashlight, and strobe flashlight) and three lighting modes (daylight white, neutral white, and warm white) to give you perfect lighting conditions for any activity. This customizability, coupled with the long runtimes, makes this radio lantern the perfect option for weekend camping or evenings on the lake. Plus, you can hook up your device via Bluetooth to listen to your favorite tunes.

Makita Radio Lantern: Design Notes

  • Lightweight and compact (3.4 pounds with battery)
  • Length: 11 3/8 inches
  • Built-in USB port for charging mobile devices
  • Lantern guard also functions as FM antenna
  • Foldable metal hanging hook doubles as a handle for transport
  • Water- and dust-resistant

Makita hopes the compact, lightweight design will help you keep your carry weight to a minimum. Its USB charging capabilities add to the convenience to keep your phone topped up all day.

Makita Radio Lantern Price

  • $159 (bare)
  • 3-year limited warranty

We’re seeing this radio lantern for $159 at the time of writing. We wanted to note that the teal blue version retails for $119, so for those who want to stay in the Outdoor Adventure green theme, there’s a bit of a premium for this design.

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All of this camping gear you’d think they’d just release a XGT pure sine wave power station inverter that we all want, you know like Milwaukee did. Instead of making everything stand alone from a water boiling kettle, coffee maker, heated blankets, coolers, fans, speakers, a portable television and now an 80v microwave run off of batteries. Having a single 1800w and or 3000w 110v compatible battery powered inverter would be the ticket and put them on top of the competition for actually ruling the outdoors. Instead we’re forced to either make our own or buy a Bluetti, jackery, eco… Read more »

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