Craftsman V20 Cordless Tools for Makers and Hobbyists

Craftsman Releases Cordless V20 Expansion For Hobbyists And Makers

Whether you are a woodworker, a craftsperson, a maker, or anything in between, Craftsman is designing useful tools to fuel your passion. Check out these five tools heading to the V20 lineup, designed for portability and convenience.

Craftsman V20 Rotary Tool CMCE030B

The Craftsman V20 rotary tool’s cord connects directly to the battery pack, which makes the whole unit highly compact and portable. Craftsman designed it with convenience in mind, making it simple to take the tool to your workpiece instead of the other way around.

Additional Features

  • Includes 33 accessories
  • Variable speed, from 6,700 to 34,000 RPM
  • Noise and vibration control
  • Built-in tip holder on the base
  • 4-foot cord


The V20 rotary tool sells for $49 without a battery. The tool is available now from Craftsman retailer and has a 3-year warranty.

Craftsman V20 Soldering Iron CMCE040B

Like the rotary tool, the V20 soldering iron also has a minimalist connection to the battery, making the easy to carry around and store. You can use the tool to do any task from electrical work to wood-burning or metal work. Furthermore, its adjustable temperature dial ensures that you can control the temperature for the job at hand.

Additional Features

  • Temperature range: 400 to 900° Fahrenheit
  • 4-foot cord
  • Iron holder for safe storage


The Craftsman V20 soldering iron sells for $49 as a bare tool. It is available now from Craftsman retailers and includes a 3-year warranty.

Craftsman V20 Compact Personal Fan CMCE010B

The V20 personal fan is great for both indoor and outdoor use. Since you don’t have to mess with cords, you can take it wherever you need some extra airflow. It features a pivoting head as well as variable speed settings to control the level of airflow for your comfort level.

Additional Features

  • Head pivots 180 degrees
  • 200 CFM on high setting
  • Collapsable design
  • Up to 46 hours runtime on low setting


The Craftsman V20 compact personal fan has a retail price of $24. Craftsman backs your purchase with a 3-year limited warranty.

Craftsman V20 150W Power Inverter CMCB1150B

The V20 power inverter features 3 charging ports for a variety of devices. It has an external LED light to provide light in dark spaces. Additionally, a durable rubber overmold protects it from damage.

Additional Features

  • Ports: 1 AC; 1 USB Type-A; 1 USB Type-C
  • Low-voltage battery cut off


The V20 power inverter retails for $49 from Craftsman retailers. Craftsman also backs it with a 3-year warranty.

Craftsman V20 LED Light With Magnifying Lens CMCE020B

Finally, the V20 LED light with magnifying lens is the last tool on Craftsman’s release list. It features 2 times magnification and an adjustable LED light level to help you see details more closely.

Additional Features

  • Collapsable design
  • Compatible with Craftsman V20 batteries (sold separately)


The LED light with magnifying lens is not available yet. Craftsman says it’s set to launch later this year. We were able to find it listen online for $26.99, but it wasn’t listed at a major retailer. You can find out more information on Craftsman’s website.

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