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SKIL Flooring Saw 3600 Preview

SKIL Flooring Saw 3600 Preview

Installing wood floors can be exhausting, back-breaking work and the tools needed to support the installation can be a pain to use. Typical wood flooring projects require a miter saw to cut planks to length and a table saw to cut them to width. When starting an installation project, users have to either haul both saws from the workshop or garage to their installation site, or they must run back and forth to make all of the cuts needed until the project is complete. Skil’s groundbreaking Flooring Saw saves time, energy and money by allowing users to make these cuts with just one tool.

Evolution RAGE 4 Multipurpose Saw

Evolution RAGE 4 Multipurpose Circular Saw

The Evolution Power Tool RAGE4 is a multipurpose saw that is more portable then a cut off saw and easier to use than a hacksaw. The RAGE4 Advan-Saw will easily cut Steel, Aluminum, Wood and Plastic, using just a single blade. With the Evolution RAGE technology, cuts are fast and clean. No coolant is required when cutting steel and yet the edges are left burr free with no heat build up so the material is instantly workable and there are very few sparks produced during the cut.