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Review9.7(out of 10)
Hilti Nuron Battery-Powered Cut-Off Saw DSH 600-22

Hilti Nuron Battery Cut-Off Saw Review DSH 600-22

Hilti DSH 600-22 Cut-Off Saw Kicks the Gas Habit It’s an exciting time in power tool development as more tools make the jump from gas to battery power. One of the most challenging categories is power cutters, and the Hilti Nuron Battery Cut-Off Saw takes on those challenges head-on. Pros No trade-off in cutting power […]

Milwaukee MX FUEL battery cells

Milwaukee MX FUEL 14-inch Cut-off Saw MXF314-XC

The Milwaukee MX FUEL 14-inch cut-off saw has the same cutting capacity (5-inches) of a 14-inch gas power cutter. It replaces starting hassles with push-button convenience. You just pop in either the CP203 3Ah or XC406 6Ah MX FUEL battery pack and get to work. You also eliminate many maintenance issues typically associated with a […]

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 9-inch Cut-Off Saw

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 9-inch Cut-Off Saw

When we documented the best new Milwaukee tools from NPS19 (their annual media event), the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 9-inch cut-off Saw was only two tools away from our top spot. The new saw does an incredible amount of work on a single 18V battery and seemed to have the power required for both metal-cutting and […]

Review9.1(out of 10)
BN Products Cutting Edge Saw

BN Products Cutting Edge Saw: An Easier, Safer Rebar Cutter

We use rebar to reinforce concrete because it makes an incredibly strong structure. I would call it “tough as nails,” but rebar is, of course, tougher than nails. Since every job we do requires custom work, we have to fabricate that incredibly tough rebar on the jobsite. We need tools like the BN Products Cutting […]

Best DeWalt Tools at World of Concrete 2018

Best DeWalt Tools at World of Concrete 2018

There was plenty of buzz around the DeWalt booth in Las Vegas this year. Our friends in yellow and black always have a lot to show off, both within the concrete industry and with their general tool lineup. Now that OSHA’s silica dust regulations are in full force, it was also a good time to […]

Review8.7(out of 10)
Makita metal cut-off saw

Makita LW1400 14-Inch Cut-Off Saw Review

We’ve been talking metal cutting for the past six weeks and have seen an impressive array of options. This week we’re looking closer at the Makita LW1400 14-Inch Cut-Off Saw. There’s also an LW1401 out there that’s closely related. This model takes us away from the cold cut saws back into the realm of high-speed […]

Review8.8(out of 10)
Evolution EVO 380 cut off saw

Evolution EVO 380 Raptor Steel Cut Off Saw Review

I had the recent pleasure of putting the Evolution EVO 380 Raptor steel cut off saw to the test while building a new dining room table for my most critical client: My lovely bride of 11 years.  As a craftsman working with both old and new materials, I really wanted to focus on a high […]

DeWalt D28710 14-inch Abrasive Chop Saw Preview

DeWalt D28710 14-inch Abrasive Chop Saw Preview

DeWalt announced the launch of its new 14-inch Abrasive Chop Saw (model D28710), which has been designed to offer contractors power, durability, capacity, ease of use and portability. The D28710 is ideal for a variety of end users including steel stud framers, mechanical contractors and metal fabricators who require a high-performing, durable saw at a great value. The tool addresses common concerns contractors have including durability and power, cut capacity and weight. A 15 Amp, 4 HP motor provides power and overload protection, so you can cut through tough materials like cast iron pipe, angle iron, threaded rod, conduit and square tubing. Contributing to the tool’s durability is a stamped base and bracket.

Milwaukee 14-inch abrasive cutoff saw 6177-20

Milwaukee 14-in Abrasive Cut-Off Saw 6177-20

Milwaukee gave some more love to metal workers today when it debuted their new Milwaukee 14″ Abrasive Cut-Off Saw (6177-20). The saw is designed to cut through bundled drywall track, angle iron, conduit, pipe, channels, tubing, and rebar. It features a 15-amp motor that puts out a maximum of 4 horsepower. The Milwaukee 6177-20 abrasive […]

SKIL Flooring Saw 3600 Preview

SKIL Flooring Saw 3600 Preview

Installing wood floors can be exhausting, back-breaking work and the tools needed to support the installation can be a pain to use. Typical wood flooring projects require a miter saw to cut planks to length and a table saw to cut them to width. When starting an installation project, users have to either haul both saws from the workshop or garage to their installation site, or they must run back and forth to make all of the cuts needed until the project is complete. Skil’s groundbreaking Flooring Saw saves time, energy and money by allowing users to make these cuts with just one tool.