Milwaukee 14-in Abrasive Cut-Off Saw 6177-20

Milwaukee 14-inch abrasive cutoff saw 6177-20

Milwaukee gave some more love to metal workers today when it debuted their new Milwaukee 14″ Abrasive Cut-Off Saw (6177-20). The saw is designed to cut through bundled drywall track, angle iron, conduit, pipe, channels, tubing, and rebar.

It features a 15-amp motor that puts out a maximum of 4 horsepower. The Milwaukee 6177-20 abrasive cut-off saw blade spins at up to 3,900 RPMs, and this new chop saw has a 5″ (vertical, 90-degree) cutting capacity. It’s also lightweight, coming in at just 40 lbs. That’s fairly portable for this type of tool.

The saw comes with the expected oversized wheel guard to throw off metal chips and (often superheated) debris and a spindle lock button makes for quick blade changes.

Milwaukee abrasive cutoff saw 6177

Milwaukee 6177-20 14″ Abrasive Cut-Off Saw Features

The Milwaukee 6177-20 Metal Cut-Off saw bevels up to 45 degrees right or left. The adjustable miter fence means that it can take on accurate miter cuts without having to flip (likely very heavy) material over. The new saw is covered, as you’d expect, by the Milwaukee Tool 5-year warranty.

Milwaukee 14″ Abrasive Cut-Off Saw Specifications (6177-20)

  • Model: 6177-20
  • Motor: 15-amp, 4.0 HP
  • Speed: 3,900 RPM (no load)
  • Round Cut Capacity: 5 in.
  • Rectangular Cut Capacity: 4-5/8 x 4-5/8 in.
  • Square Cut Capacity: 5 x 5 in.
  • Length: 16 in.
  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Includes: 6177-20 abrasive cut-off machine, vice, 14-inch abrasive wheel, hex wrench

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