DeWalt 60V Max Cordless 9-Inch Cut-Off Saw

DeWalt 60V Max Cordless 9-Inch Cut-Off Saw

DeWalt’s 60V Cut-Off Saw Gives You Versatile Cuts

For cutting concrete, tile, and metal, a cut-off saw gives you the variability and power you need. Only a few brands offer 9-inch handheld cut-off saws, so your options are kind of limited. However, the DeWalt 60V Cut-Off Saw DCS692 adds to the list to fill out that market gap. We’ll walk you through what this tool brings to the table and how it updates the brand’s previous model.

DeWalt 60V Max Cordless 9-Inch Cut-Off Saw: The Big Deal

DeWalt 60V Max Cordless 9-Inch Cut-Off Saw

There are a couple of differences between this cut-off saw and DeWalt’s previous iteration, the DCS690. For starters, this saw updates its battery box to accommodate DeWalt’s larger 15.0Ah (5.0Ah at 60V Max) batteries. You can latch and seal the battery box to protect the battery from harsh jobsite conditions.

Then there’s the Wireless Tool Control function, which lets you connect to and control a secondary tool remotely. Connecting this cut-off saw to a FlexVolt 60V Max Dust Extractor using Wireless Tool Control activates the extractor when you pull the saw’s trigger. When you release the trigger, the vacuum turns off automatically.

Same Performance

This tool’s 6600 no-load RPM allows for fast single-pass cuts and scores in hard materials like concrete, stone, and rebar. Its 9-inch wheel has a cut capacity of up to 3 1/4 inches deep.

Like the last model, this cut-off saw features a 5-position blade guard which lets you choose the ideal cutting angle for visibility and mobility in confined spaces. Additionally, you can perform both horizontal and vertical cuts comfortably with the adjustable, 3-position handle.

Additional Features

  • Heavy-load indicator light
  • OSHA Table 1 compliant for dust management with dual-sided water feed system
  • 2-stage trigger switch helps prevent accidental activation
  • Tool Connect Tag-ready

DeWalt 60V Max Cordless 9-Inch Cut-Off Saw Price

You can find the DCS692 cut-off saw as a bare tool for $629. If you need batteries to go along with it, there’s also a kit that includes two FlexVolt 15.0Ah batteries for $949. That kit option is pretty attractive considering those batteries run $249 each when they’re on sale.

DeWalt backs your purchase with a 3-year warranty and a 1-year free service contract.

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DeWalt 60V Max Cordless 9-Inch Cut-Off Saw Specifications

  • Model: DeWalt DCS692
  • Depth: 26.38 in
  • Height: 13.70 in
  • Weight: 18.24 lbs
  • Price: $629 (bare tool)

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