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Sunex Roadster 1.75-Ton Aluminum Folding Jack Review

Lightweight and Easy to Store, the Sunex Roadster is a Mobile Dream The Sunex Roadster bills itself as having professional quality in a lightweight, compact package. It’s capable of lifting 1.75 tons up to 16.5″ and features Sunex’ dual-piston Rapid-Rise design. What kind of limitations does it have? Are there any compromises in quality to […]

How TO Use A Floor Jack Safely

Choosing the Best Floor Jack for Your Truck, Car, or SUV

Choosing the Best Floor Jack is More Than Just Weight Capacity We’re fascinated by the mechanical advantage of hydraulic jacks. A little physics plus engineering and we’re able to lift literally tons more than we could on our own. So how do you choose the best floor jack for your work? We hopped on a […]