MoJack Riding Mower Lift

mojack riding mower lift

Maintenance is an essential part of owning and operating outdoor power equipment. It may not be pleasant, but it’s a must. This is certainly the case with riding mowers, which require a host of routine upkeep tasks, whether it’s spring, summer, or early fall. And, especially for chores like blade changes and deck repairs, you’ll need to get at least part of your tractor off the ground. That’s where solutions like the MoJack ZR Riding Mower Lift (45005) come into play.

Here’s a look at what this thing can do. Then you can decide if it’s worthy of a spot in your garage.

MoJack Riding Mower Lift Performance and Design

mojack zr riding mower lift

Having enough space to work under your mower is critical to doing the job properly – and safely. That’s precisely what MoJack designed the 45005 to do.

So, the first (and obvious) consideration is how much it can lift.

The MoJack has a 350-pound capacity, which means you shouldn’t have any trouble raising standard lawn tractors 20 inches off the ground. That’s ample space for swapping blades, clearing obstructions from under the deck, or replacing tires, wheels, and axles.

Note: While I’m sure you already realize this, it’s worth restating. This tool is for hoisting the front end and not the whole mower.


  • MoJack Mower ZR Mower Lift (45005)
  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Lift capacity: 350 lbs
  • Lift height: 20 in
  • Construction: Steel

In particular, I like the 45005’s hand crank. It may seem somewhat simplistic, but, for a manual setup like this, it can get your ride in the air faster and more easily.

The MoJack Riding Mower Lift is compatible with most traditional lawn tractor and zero-turn brands, including John Deere, Toro, Husqvarna, Troy-Bilt, and Ariens.

mojack 45005

Also, it fits any mower with a 19- to 43.5-inch outside front wheel measurement.

What’s more, for what it can lift, the 45005 is pretty light – just 50 pounds. Likewise, MoJack tells us that the lift is solid steel, and, thus, durable and safe.

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MoJack Riding Mower Lift Price

Finally, I like the price! This tool retails for $124.99 and comes with 2-year residential and 1-year commercial limited warranties.

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