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Klein Power Tool Accessories Line

A new line of Klein power tool accessories includes everything from power bit drivers to nut drivers and a power reamer. Jon Ginsberg from Klein tells us that “It was a natural evolution to take this expertise and create these tough, premium performance accessories for power tools. Now professionals can have all the quality they expect […]

Milwaukee nutsetters cluster

Milwaukee Magnetic HollowCore Nut Drivers

When we reviewed Milwaukee’s screwdrivers new nut drivers, among them was a set of nut drivers. Our samples, however, didn’t include the new HollowCore feature. What the Milwaukee Magnetic HollowCore Nut Drivers you get a thread-thru design that lets the tool drive its way up threaded rod to fasten nuts at an unlimited depth. It also […]

Review9.3(out of 10)
milwaukee insulated screwdrivers 2

Revamped Milwaukee Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers Lineup

I had to do some impromptu A/C repairs on my home a few years ago. I remember it because it’s not something I like to do all that often, nor is it anything I yearn to do ever again. I remember it because I had to deal with hex head screws, Phillips screws, flat head […]