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What is Pex - Milwaukee M18 ProPex Expansion Tool

What is PEX Tubing for Plumbing?

What is PEX pipe? Before we answer that question, let’s look at history, lest we doom ourselves to repeating it. Take a look at the water lines in any older house. You’ll probably find one consistent material being used: brilliant, shiny copper. Sorry, did I say brilliant and shiny? Scratch that. Look for copper tubing […]

Milwaukee M18 ProPex Expansion Tool

How to Install PEX Tubing with a PEX Expander

Learning How to Install PEX Tubing with an Expander – Simpler Than You Think The cordless expander is about as easy and foolproof as can be. If you’re wondering how to install PEX tubing with a PEX expander, it’s really pretty straightforward. And if you have access to a cordless model, like the M12 or […]

differences between CPVC Copper PEX tubing

Differences Between CPVC, Copper, and PEX Tubing

Plumbers have favorites and go-to’s when installing new plumbing or performing repairs. Piping options include PVC, CPVC, copper, and PEX tubing. Knowing a little about each helps you understand the difference between CPVC and PEX tubing or copper. On top of that, the debate between CPVC vs copper vs PEX rages on for reasons from price to ease of […]

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How to Install PEX Pipe with a PEX Expander

DeWalt 20V Max PEX Expander Review (DCE400)

When expansion PEX first came to the table, there was only one tool to expand the material and that was a hand pump. You would have to put the stiffening ring on the tip of the PEX, place the expanding head in the opening and then pump and rotate the tool by hand and repeat […]

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Milwaukee M18 ProPex Expansion Tool

Milwaukee M18 Pro Pex Expansion Tool Review (2632-20)

Since California certified PEX tubing for residential plumbing applications in 2009, contractors and plumbers across the country have been quick to adopt it. PEX’s commercial applications were initially fire systems and radiant floors, but now it’s even common to use it for re-pipes. Although it’s not the perfect material, it offers some significant advantages over traditional […]

Ridgid PEX-One

12V Ridgid PEX-One Press Tool Launched

Ridgid hopes to improve the way contractors install Pex with the new 12V Ridgid Pex-One. Designed for one-handed use, the Pex-One weighs in at five pounds and can press multiple sizes up to one inch with an interchangeable die system. Ridgid claims the Pex-One provides full power through 150+ presses per charge with a 5-second […]

Ridgid Close Quarters ASTM F1807 PEX Crimp Tools

Ridgid Close Quarters ASTM F1807 PEX Crimp Tools

Last week Ridgid released a new series of PEX crimpers. The Ridgid Close Quarters ASTM F1807 PEX Crimp Tools (model #43853 and #43858) have  handle openings that are roughly 70% smaller than standard PEX crimp tools. The idea is that contractors will be able to maneuver the tool into tight spaces—a situation that is not uncommon […]