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Milwaukee Pry Bars and Nail Pullers

Milwaukee Hand Tools To Get Your Hands On Now Milwaukee has an extensive list of pry bars and nail pullers. If you get paid to take things apart (or just like to for fun!), get your hands on these! Milwaukee Pry Bars Pry bars are an integral part of the working professional’s tool arsenal in […]

Pry Bar

Use a Pry Bar to Lift a Door and Hold It in Place

We’ve been looking at some non-traditional uses for our core tools. Some are legit Pro-level while others just make the weekend a little easier or more fun. Today, we’re taking a creative look at the tougher-than-nails flat bar or pry bar. It’s a demolition tool used for pulling and prying things apart. It literally takes […]

Spec Ops Tools Review

Spec Ops Tools Review | Supporting Veterans and First Responders

Spec Ops Tools Exists to Provide Quality Tools While Supporting Veterans We’ve spent the last couple of months getting to know Spec Ops Tools. Their story is bigger than just producing tools and if you have a heart for our military and first responders, it’s a story worth knowing. Who is Spec Ops Tools? According […]

Review8.8(out of 10)
Honey Badger Demo Forks

Honey Badger Demo Fork Review

Very often before the more refined work can begin on a job, the old stuff has got to go. The problem is that the old stuff wasn’t put in place to be temporary – it’s stuck there. So you need a tool to apply some brute force to “encourage” it to make way for new […]

DeWalt Multi-Functional Utility Bar

DeWalt Multi-Functional Utility Bar

DeWalt Multi-Functional Utility Bar Offers 4-in-1 Design Sometimes I wonder why Kenny asks me and the Safety Third team to take a first look at some of these tools. Maybe he simply envisions the ways it might inflict pain upon my crew and end up being the subject of the next Safety Third feature while […]

Review5.5(out of 10)

EB Tools KwickGripper Review

When EB Tools sent us their nail-pulling KwickGripper, we thought we were in for a treat. The tool is designed to give you greater leverage, more flexibility when pulling nails and more options for getting at a fastener that needs to be removed from a tough spot. The design is something that has more leverage […]

DeWalt 10-inch Pry Bars DWHT55524 and DWHT55529 Preview

The DeWalt DWHT55529 is a molding bar and is designed with an extra-wide head to help prevent wall damage when removing trim and molding. The tool also features an extra-wide strike surface and flat prying end so the user can accurately strike the bar to get under a nail or even behind the surface to […]

Stiletto Stainless Steel Flat Bars Review

Stiletto Stainless Steel Flat Bars Review

We first got a chance to check out the new 15″ Stainless Steel Stiletto Flat Bar and 12″ Clawbar Nail Puller w/Dimpler at the 2011 International Builders Show. These are beautiful bars that just might be too pretty to actually want to use! They are heavier than Stiletto’s Titanium Pry Bars, but they are also far less expensive. These bars are designed for the serious professional, however and certainly not targeting the rank and file user. These tools are high-end and very much for those who want the very best look for their tools. You know who you are – and for the rest, well, Stiletto probably doesn’t have you in mind, nor will we assume that these pry bars are meant to have mass market appeal.

Stanley 55-099L FuBar Utility Bar Review

Stanley FuBar Utility Bar Review 55-099L

Every now and then you find a special tool. The kind of tool you wonder how you ever did without. The kind of tool that really, truly, makes you want to go break something. The Stanley FuBar is that tool. We all know what FuBar stands for: Functional Utility Bar. Right. The, um, “original” meaning is a bit closer to the truth as this tool will wreak havoc on any demo project, allowing you to disassemble walls faster, pull off drywall with more efficiency, and punch through lathe and plaster like it was paper mache.

Stiletto Titanium Flat Bars Review

Stiletto Titanium Pry Bars Review

Stiletto titanium flat pry bars weigh 45% less than a typical steel flat bar of the same size. They also offer better shock resistance. Really, though—they’re just plain cool because no one else has one! Stilletto calls these bars: Powerful, Painless and Lightweight. We had to check out the Stiletto titanium flat pry bars first […]