June 18, 2021

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Honey Badger Demo Fork Review

Honey Badger Demo Forks
PTR Review
  • Build Quality 9.5
  • Ergnomics 8.0
  • Design 9.0
  • Performance 9.0
  • Value 8.5

The Honey Badger Demo Fork is an indestructible demo tool that can pry, break, pound, beat, puncture, tear, and whatever else you need it to do to get the demo job done.

Overall Score 8.8 (out of 10)

Very often before the more refined work can begin on a job, the old stuff has got to go. The problem is that the old stuff wasn’t put in place to be temporary – it’s stuck there. So you need a tool to apply some brute force to “encourage” it to make way for new work. So today we get to try out two different sizes of the Honey Badger Demo Fork, no doubt named for the bizarre and hilarious viral YouTube video from a few years back.

If you haven’t seen the video, the point was that the Honey Badger is a tough and fearless opponent that can take on whatever comes at it and win. So let’s see if this tool can win at demolition.

First Impressions

There are two versions of this fork – the 40-inch and 56-inch – and I used the shorter version while I lent the larger version to a guy who does preparation work for a flooring company. I took his input and incorporated it into my own so you get a two-for-one perspective on this tool. Both forks have a thick steel head and four steel tines designed to pry, puncture, rip, break, and otherwise remove whatever needs removin’. The head and handle weld is reinforced with a steel plate that gives you the impression that the fork is nearly indestructible. The handle has a slight bend in it to give you some extra leverage for prying. Let’s break some stuff.

Stick A Fork In It

Admit it – there’s something cathartic about demolition and something empowering about a tool that helps you do it. We had to remove an old deck from a job, tearing up pressure treated lumber that had seen better days. I found that the Honey Badger Demo Fork is designed well ergonomically. The slight curve in the handle helped me get a good bite on the things I needed to pry up. Even when the deck screws wouldn’t come out the fork made quick work of wood. That reinforcing plate between the head and handle is tougher than nails – or a honey badger I suppose – so you can exert as much pressure as you can without fear that you’re stressing the fork.

Honey Badger Demo Fork

Although I haven’t had the opportunity yet, I really think the smaller fork will excel in removing shingles on a roof or tile set in Durarock. Getting under the Durarock and lifting will quickly crack and remove the tile.

Honey Badger Demo Fork

Surprisingly, however, we found the larger tines of the longer fork hard to work with, at least at the start of flooring removal. There’s no doubt that the longer fork gives you a lot of leverage, but the thickness of the tines are a bit of an impediment at the start. Don’t forget to eat your Wheaties in the morning of the day you use the larger one because it can start to feel heavy pretty quickly.

The Bottom Line

Honey Badger Demo Fork

The shorter version of the Honey Badger Demo Fork gives you the best pound-for-pound utility of the two. You get a nearly indestructible demo tool that can pry, break, pound, beat, puncture, tear, and whatever else you need it to do to get the demo job done. Even the honey badger has to have a weakness, and it might be the thickness of the tines on the larger fork. Otherwise,  the Honey Badger Demo Fork does what it wants!

From a value standpoint, you’re looking at $100 and $130, respectively, at The Home Depot. Compare that to other demo and wrecking bars that start around $20, and you quickly see there’s a premium to pay for the fork design. The fork gives you four pry points in a much wider configuration, so you do work more efficiently. Keep that in mind as you consider the price.

Given the limitations of the larger demo fork, I’d recommend you start with the smaller version. If you find that it works well for you – as multiple user reviews we’ve read have – then grab the larger model for bigger demo work. As a one-two punch, you’re likely to boost your destructive potential. Or at least your efficiency. As the video’s narrator says, “It don’t care!” but once it makes your demo easier, you probably will.

Honey Badger Demo Fork Manufacturer’s Key Features

  • Unmatched versatility, saving money by eliminating the need to purchase multiple demolition tools
  • Great for siding, wood flooring, decking, trim, lath and plaster, fixtures, wood or metal sheeting, roofing, window and door frames, tile flooring, drywall, paneling and much more
  • Steel head provides durability and strength, with tine spacing that allows straddling of lumber
  • Blunt ends can be used as striking surfaces
  • Long steel handle is gusset reinforced and designed to exert force in all directions, with tons of leverage for even the toughest applications
  • Steel tines wedge, rip, puncture and tear into or under materials
  • Engineered and designed with angles, weight distribution and pry points to maximize performance

Honey Badger Demo Fork Specifications

  • Model Numbers:
    • HB40 – 40 inch
    • HB56 – 56 inch
  • HB40 Dimensions
    • Depth: 2.5 inches
    • Height: 40 inches
    • Width: 8.5 inches
    • Bar Length: 40 inches
  • HB56 Dimensions
    •  Depth: 3 inches
    • Height: 56 inches
    • Width: 11 inches
    • Bar Length: 56 inches
  • Prices:
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