DeWalt Multi-Functional Utility Bar

DeWalt Multi-Functional Utility Bar

DeWalt Multi-Functional Utility Bar Offers 4-in-1 Design

Sometimes I wonder why Kenny asks me and the Safety Third team to take a first look at some of these tools. Maybe he simply envisions the ways it might inflict pain upon my crew and end up being the subject of the next Safety Third feature while I’m working on it. Whatever the reason, the object of my affection today is the new DeWalt Multi-Functional Utility Bar.

I have to be up front about this – the bar is already being dubbed the “DeWalt MFU Bar” and the meaning of this acronym has a broad variety of meanings around my circle. While your imagination is already working overtime, we’re going to stick with it’s given name for obvious reasons.

The DeWalt Multi-Functional Utility Bar is available in either 30-inch or 40-inch sizes with the same features. You have a hardened striking surface that is made from 7/8-inch tri-lobe stock. It is formed with a gooseneck head to grab boards and an extra wide pry end with ground edges.

Useful for prying (and a zombie apocalypse), a pivot leverage point offers the ability to make board adjustments as well. The angled foot at the base provides leverage for demolition lifting or scraping. An integrated nail puller makes removing stubborn nails easier than using a shorter hammer for leverage.

DeWalt Multi-Functional Utility Bar 2

All in all, the DeWalt Multi-Functional Utility Bar is a solid option to have in any shop, trailer, or truck box. We have several smaller pry bars running around the shop, but they honestly could be better for the demo work we typically find ourselves in. For less than $30, it seems like a no-brainer to bring in DeWalt’s MFU Bar for the better leverage and more intentionally designed function.

DeWalt Multi-Functional Utility Bar at a Glance

  • Models: DWHT55292/DWHT55293
  • Sizes: 30-inch, 40-inch
  • Expected Retail Price: $24.98/$29.98

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