Bosch 4V Max Screwdriver SPS10-2

Bosch 4V Max Screwdriver SPS10-2 Preview

PS10-2 is the new Bosch super compact screwdriver perfect for finish work and installers. The SPS10-2 is so small it easily fits into a workbelt or pocket and is perfect for use in any tight space or hard to reach corner. Other key features include an LED work light for dark work areas a ratcheting function to manually drive in screw heads if necessary and a variable speed trigger.

Milwaukee 11 in 1 Multi-Tip Screwdriver Preview

Milwaukee Tools 11 in 1 Screwdriver Preview

The only screwdriver with the patented ECX bit and hardened tips, the Milwaukee 11 in 1 Screwdriver includes the 6 bits and 3 nut drivers most requested by professionals with the added utility of a wire stripper and wire bending hole. The Milwaukee ECX bit allows users to extend the life of their bits when fastening specialty screws found in electrical boxes, conduit couplers, outlets, and other common job site fixtures. The patented geometry gives the ECX bit this advantage over traditional Phillips or square bits.

Workforce 74pc Screwdriver and Pliers Set

Workforce 74pc Screwdriver and Pliers Set

Workforce, like Husky, Pegasus and Hampton Bay, is a Home Depot house brand that manufactures everything from shelves to screwdrivers. Their 74 piece screwdriver and pliers set is a good purchase for hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers, but not such a great bargain for the serious tool user as quality tends to suffer over the long haul and with extended or hard use.