Craftsman Tools LED Screwdriver and Adjustable Wrench

Craftsman Tools' LED Screwdriver and Adjustable Wrench

Craftsman seems to be on an LED lighting kick of late – and I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. First it was the 8-in. LED Lighted Long Nose & Diagonal Pliers Set and now it’s a new Craftsman adjustable wrench and LED screwdriver. Adding LED lighting to hand tools is not a bad idea. The trade-off is that they get a bit bulkier and heavier and that’s not always optimal for the professional. Still, trading some bulk for an integrated light that you don’t have to pull out all the time as a separate tool may be an attractive option for some.

Craftsman Tools LED Screwdriver

The question is whether the tools in question will hold up to professional use or not – and only the pros can tell us that. Of the two new tools, the screwdriver struck us as the most practical. It’s officially the “6 in 1 Screwdriver” and comes with an aluminum handle model and, of course, the integrated LED lights. The screwdriver includes 2 Phillips and 2 slotted blades which swap out as needed to give you four very useful driver sizes. The screwdriver has a lifetime warranty, but we doubt that covers the LED portion of the tool.

Craftsman Tools Adjustable Wrench

The adjustable wrench integrates an LED light on each side of the tool to improve visibility and eliminate the need for a separate light source. It will work on fasteners up to 1-5/16″ (33mm) and the handle has “dual material” coatings to cushion the grip and help prevent slipping.

The adjustable wrench is $19.99 and the 6-in-1 screwdriver is $17.99. There’s definitely a premium for the LED functionality, but it’s also a pretty neat stocking stuffer.

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