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left blade vs right blade circular saws

Left Side vs Right Side Circular Saw Blade

Circular saws have traditionally fallen into the two distinct yet similarly serpentine-sounding categories of sidewinder and worm drive. The categories generally differ in motor orientation and design, weight, torque, and RPMs. Perhaps most significantly, a worm drive saw was traditionally left-side blade and a sidewinder positioned itself with a right-side blade. Today, manufacturers produce saws that blur the blade orientation distinction. Of […]

sidewinder vs worm drive circular saws

Sidewinder vs Worm Drive Circular Saws

You’d be hard-pressed to find a jobsite without a circular saw. So what makes people choose between sidewinders and worm drives? And why does the East Coast choose the former while the West Coast seems to prefer the latter? Isn’t a circular saw just a circular saw? *Buzzer Sound!* Actually, no. While sidewinder circular saws (or […]

Skilsaw Circular Saw History: 5 Minutes in Tool History

Skilsaw Circular Saw History: 5 Minutes in Tool History

The term “circular saw” technically refers to any saw with a circular blade. However, we generally mean a handheld circular saw when we use it, but how much do you know about the saw in your hand? Here are 5 minutes of circular saw history. A 5-Minute Circular Saw History Edmond Michel developed the first […]

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Skilsaw Sidewinder SPT67WL-01 Featured

Skilsaw Sidewinder SPT67WL-01 Review

Skilsaw Sidewinder SPT67WL-01: The Diamond in the Magnesium If you’re like me, you believe in buying quality tools so you only have to buy them once. It also means you’re willing to spend some extra dough, so you need to know what you’re committing to before you buy. If you’re a pro and you know the difference […]