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Silica Dust

OSHA PEL exposure silica dust

What is Silicosis and How is it Contracted?

Few people really enjoy it when the government expands regulations. While there’s certainly been a lot of focus on silica dust regulation updates, we haven’t spent much time looking at the rationale behind it. Namely, the silicosis OSHA is trying to prevent construction Pros from suffering later in life. We go over just what is […]

How to Properly Dispose of Concrete Dust Silica

How to Properly Dispose of Concrete Dust (Silica)

Filtering out silica dust concrete dust on the jobsite doesn’t do us a whole lot of good if we’re emptying it back into the air trying to dispose of it. So, how do we go about disposing of concrete dust (silica dust) without causing more problems than we solved? We recently talked to Jim Bohn, […]

Bosch Table 1 Compliance for OSHA Silica Dust Regulations

OSHA Table 1 Compliance for Silica Dust Regulations

Back in early 2017, OSHA announced new silica dust regulations and Bosch was the first company to proactively contact us to start the push toward education before the September 23rd deadline. That date has come and gone, but there’s still plenty of confusion running around about what you need and what you don’t. To help, […]

Bosch Bulldog Rotary Hammer drilling

Silica Dust Exposure Objective Test Data – the Table 1 Alternative

OSHA silica dust exposure limits have been in place since 2017. But not every organization has taken the steps necessary to meet the guidelines for silica dust protection. Every company that works with concrete, stone, or other masonry materials needs to meet OSHA requirements. But what happens when Table 1 methods don’t exist? That’s when Silica Dust […]

OSHA Silica Dust Fines Aren't Cheap

OSHA Silica Dust Fines Aren’t Cheap

We’ve been talking a lot about OSHA’s silica dust regulations over the past year or so. From the time of the first announcement to the extra 3 months of grace the industry got, it’s been a hot topic in the concrete industry. With all the money OSHA is spending on education, there’s an enforcement side […]

Maintaining Good End To End Silica Dust Management 09

Maintaining Good End to End Silica Dust Management

Good end to end silica dust management starts with a solid plan and making sure your crew knows how to use the products that keep you compliant with OSHA’s 50-microgram PEL. Fortunately, some manufacturers are making it easier with websites dedicated to Table 1 compliance. How to Use Table 1 for Silica Dust Management There […]

Bosch HDC250 Core Bit Dust Collection Attachment

Bosch HDC250 Core Bit Dust Collection Attachment

One of our favorite concrete accessories is Bosch’s HDC200. It’s an adapter for your dust extractor to collect concrete dust as it exits the hole when you’re using a rotary hammer. The fact that it works with anyone’s rotary hammers and bits means we don’t have to carry a bunch of tool-specific collection devices. The […]

Bosch Speed Clean Rotary Hammer Bits

Silica Dust Questions About Tools And Attachments: Table 1 Compliance

OSHA compliance for silica dust can be a real bear. We recently had a chance to talk to Jim Bohn, Director of Strategic Development for Bosch Tool Corporation, about some of the finer, more obscure points surrounding the issue of keeping OSHA compliant in all situations. Today, we’re looking at the possible issues surrounding swapping […]

Bosch Dust Shroud HDC200

Bosch Dust Shroud HDC200 for Table 1 Compliance

Still have a little too much concrete dust floating around your job site? If you happen to drill a lot of concrete, Bosch has a simple solution to avoid getting yet another fine. The Bosch dust shroud, model HDC200, collects dust from around the drill bit as you work. It accommodates a wide range of […]

Makita EK7651H 4-Stroke Power Cutter Pull Start

Makita OSHA Compliant Silica Dust Solutions

For those of you sweating the new OSHA regulations regarding silica dust, Makita might be your best friend when looking for tool setups that meet the new guidelines. In anticipation of the new standards, Makita has been busy manufacturing dust extractors, HEPA filters, dust shrouds, and vacuums to work with their line of tools. So, […]