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Hart 40V Brushless Snow Blower and Cordless Power Snow Shovel

Hart 40V Snow Blower and Power Snow Shovel

Hart 40V Line Has The Tools To Break Old Man Winter’s Grip For dispensing snowy buildup around your home, check out the Hart 40V snow blower and powered snow shovel. These two handy tools can kick Old Man Winter off your lawn… or, at least off your walkways and driveway. Hart 40V Cordless Snow Shovel […]

Worx 40V Power Share Snow Blower WG471

Worx 40V Snow Blower Ditches Gas-Powered and Corded Hassles According to Worx, the 40V Power Share Snow Blower is lighter and easier to use than both gas-powered and corded snow blowers on the market. With their battery-powered model, you get plenty of power without the hard start-ups and emissions of gas power or the hassle […]

EGO 2-Stage Snow Blower Review

EGO 56V 2-Stage Snow Blower Review

Thumb Your Nose at Old Man Winter with the EGO 2-Stage Snow Blower We’ve been waiting for some good snow to test out the EGO 56V 2-Stage Snow Blower with Peak Power and Ol’ Jack Frost finally delivered! Pros Outstanding power comparable to similar-sized gas models 24-inch clearing swath Excellent runtime with kitted 7.5Ah batteries […]

Ryobi 40V Cordless Snow Blowers

Ryobi Launches 40V Snow Blower Lineup for Fall 2021 The current Ryobi 40V Cordless Snow Blower lineup includes four products from two-stage snowblowers to a compact 18-inch model—and everything in between. Powered by the 40V HP battery platform, these Ryobi OPE snowblowers look like they have the muscle required to effectively dispense snow buildup around […]

Toro 60V e24 and e26 Two-Stage Snow Blowers

Toro Flex-Force 60V Snow Blower Stands Up To Winter Two new Toro 60V Power Max Snow Blower models borrow much from the existing two-stage gas model. The company is hoping consumers start planning ahead for those blustery winter months by grabbing a powerful and convenient battery-powered solution for clearing walkways, driveways, and patios. At first […]

Toro Power TRX HD Snowblowers with Tank Treads

Toro Power TRX HD Snow Blowers with Tank Treads

Toro Power TRX HD Snow Blowers Tackle Over 20 Inches of Snow Easily with Tank Treads With the Toro Power TRX HD Snow Blowers, your working conditions are irrelevant. That’s because these commercial snow blowers feature between 28″ and 32″ clearing widths and tank treads to traverse even challenging lots and driveways. Toro Power and […]

Greenworks Pro 60V 22-Inch Snow Blower

Greenworks Pro 60V 22-Inch Snow Blower 2603202

We might be in Florida, but that doesn’t mean we’re biased against snow blowers! We got our hands on the Greenworks Pro 60V 22-inch snow blower for a little hands-on time. Not to worry, we’re sending it up to Tennessee where we’re hoping they get another good snowfall to get some snow blowing in before […]

Ryobi 40V Snow Blower RY40860

Ryobi 40V Snow Blower | RY40860

Ryobi Helps You Take Charge This Winter New to the shelves of your local Home Depot, Ryobi has released a snow-clearing solution just in time for winter. The Ryobi 40V Snow Blower can clear snow conveniently, and without the muss and fuss of cords or gas. Performance The Ryobi 40V Snow Blower features a brushless […]

EGO Products At GIE

EGO Products At GIE 2017

Recently, we had the chance to wander around the GIE Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. Vendors spread out over what felt like miles of convention hall space, creating a vast expanse of power tools, tractors, mowers, hardscapes, and accessories. But standing tall and proud in the middle of a sea of manufacturers, the EGO booth shone […]