Best Snow Blower Reviews 2023

Best Snow Blower Reviews

Not to ruin the moment, but it’s time to start talking about the best snow blowers. If you live in a part of the country that gets a few inches of accumulation, a few feet, or Old Man Winter seems to have a personal vendetta against you, having the right snow blower when you need it can make the season more tolerable. So, take a look at our top recommendations and see what best fits the snowy season ahead!

Our Best Snow Blower Recommendations

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Best Gas Snow Blower

Best Single-Stage Snow Blower – Toro Power Clear 821 QZE Snow Blower

Best Single-Stage Snow Blower – Toro Power Clear 821 QZE Snow Blower

When it comes to the best single-stage gas snow blower, Toro enjoys a well-earned reputation. It comes from both the quality and the range of the brand’s lineup, with nine models available. The top of the line, and our top recommendation, is the Toro Power Clear 821 QZE.

It uses a 252cc engine to collect snow through 21-inch intake and throw it up to 40 feet. The chute adjustment is on the right handle, making it easy to change directions on the fly and you get an auger assist to help you pull the machine forward. Among Toro’s options, it’s the strongest and most convenient single-stage in the line.

  • Motor: 252cc
  • Stages: One
  • Clearing Width: 21 inches
  • Optimal Clearing Depth: 9 inches
  • Rated Throw: 40 feet

Price: $949

Best 2-Stage Snow Blower – Honda 2-Stage Track Drive Snow Blower HSS1332ATD

Best 2-Stage Snow Blower - Honda 2-Stage Track Drive Snow Blower HSS1332ATD

Two Made in the USA models made it to the final cut in the best 2-stage snow blower class: Honda’s 32-inch Track Drive and Toro’s 32-inch self-propelled model. There are cases to make for both and it may come down to whether you want tracks or not.

Toro is the stronger of the two with a 420cc engine that can throw snow up to 65 feet. Honda’s no slouch with its 13HP GX390 engine offering 56 feet of throw and a bulletproof reputaion. Both are capable of clearing 32 inches of width and up to 21 inches of depth. They’re also both full-featured, making them highly convenient to use.

Aside from the engine, the biggest separation is in the drive system—tracks for Honda and wheels for Toro. If you’re clearing particularly slick or sloped areas, those tracks will make a big difference.

For us, the relibaility of the Honda engine and the Track Drive kicks it into the win column, even though we give up a little power.

  • Motor: Honda GX390
  • Stages: Two
  • Clearing Width: 32 inches
  • Optimal Clearing Depth: 21 inches
  • Rated Throw: 56 feet

Price: $4099

Best 3-Stage Snow Blower – Cub Cadet 3X Max H IntelliPower EFI Snow Blower 31AH8M4VB10

Best 3-Stage Snow Blower – Cub Cadet 3X Max H IntelliPower EFI Snow Blower 31AH8M4VB10

Cub Cadet’s 3X series is where you turn for the best 3-stage snow blower, and the Max Intellipower EFI model is our top pcik among the 12 options in the line. The name tells you quite a bit—it has the IntelliPower upgrade and the easier starting of electronic fuel injection, plus a hydrostatic transmission. The powerplant is a 420cc engine that is capable of up to 12% greater power thanks to the IntelliPower technology.

Each of the 3-stage snow removal elements are 14 inches with the front auger powering through icy snow, the accelerator pulling it into the center, and the impeller directing it away.

There are a ton of convenience features as well. Both the chute direction and angle are near the rest of the controls where you can adjust them on the fly. There are heated handles, push-button starting, and 16-inch tires with aggressive X-Trac tread. When you need a model that can back you up when you scream into the the storm, “Do your worst, for I will do mine!”, Cub Cadet’s flagship 3X is your snow blower.

  • Motor: 420cc
  • Stages: Three
  • Clearing Width: 34 inches
  • Optimal Clearing Depth: 23 inches
  • Rated Throw: Unlisted

Price: $3599

Best Snow Blower for Long Driveways – Toro Power Max HD 1232 OHXE 2-Stage 38842

Best Snow Blower for Long Driveways – Toro Power Max HD 1232 OHXE 2-Stage 38842

The best snow blower for long driveways has to have a self-propelled drive and wide intake, plus the power to deal with the entire season’s range of snow types. Since not every long driveway is paved, and you ideally need true powered wheels rather than an auger assist, a 2-stage snow blower is the way to go.

If you’re not already sold on the Honda Track Drive we chose as the best 2-stage overall, then give Toro a close look. The top of the line includes four closeely-related commercial models—a 28-inch and a 32-inch, available with wheels or tracks. If you’re running a snow-clearing business in the winter, these are the way to go.

For homeowners and property owners, you don’t need quite that level (but they’re nice if you can afford them). Instead, consider the 38842 model. It has a 32-inch intake supported by a 375cc OHV engine and can handle up to 21 inches of snow.

On the drive side, this model has 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds with zero-turn capability, plus handle warmers to help you maintain some comfort while you’re working. It’s not cheap, but it’s strong, and able to make quick work of clearing long driveways.

  • Motor: 375cc
  • Stages: Two
  • Clearing Width: 32 inches
  • Optimal Clearing Depth: 21 inches
  • Rated Throw: 57 feet

Price: $2399

Best Snow Blower for the Money – PowerSmart 24-Inch 2-Stage Snow Blower MB7109A

Best Snow Blower for the Money – PowerSmart 24-Inch 2-Stage Snow Blower MB7109A

It’s tough enough to find a gas snow blower worth buying under $500, but a 2-stage model? Good luck! At Home Depot, you’re actually in luck. Earning our pick as the best gas snow blower for the money, PowerSmart has a 24-inch self-propelled 2-stage model with electric start and heated handles. Its 212cc engine can clear snow up to 12 inches deep and throw it up to 40 feet.

Sound too good to be true? It depends on your expectations. This model doesn’t have the same build quality as others that can be two or three times more expensive. Still, if you take care of the engine and clean it, you should get several seasons out of the machine.

  • Motor: 212cc
  • Stages: Two
  • Clearing Width: 24inches
  • Optimal Clearing Depth: 12 inches
  • Rated Throw: 40 feet

Price: $499

Best Electric Snow Blower

Best Overall – Snow Joe Ultra 18-Inch Electric Snow Blower SJ623E

Snow Joe Ultra 18-Inch Electric Snow Blower SJ623E

Electric snow blowers aren’t as popular as their gas and battery-powered counterparts due to their limited power and having to drag around an extension cord. However, they’re less expensive, have noise, fuel, maintenance, and emissions advantages over gas, and can be highly effective for smaller areas.

Sun Joe’s 15-amp, 18-inch model is the best electric snow blower we’ve seen so far. While there are larger models available, this one is consistenlty performs well as it balances the limitations of 120V power and clearing width to tackle snow up to 10 inches deep with a 25-foot max throw. In additional to breaking up the snow, the machine’s steel auger also offers an assist with your forward movement as you push.

Between the performance and the price tag, the value proposition also also makes this the best electric snow blower for the money.

  • Motor: 15-amp
  • Stages: One
  • Clearing Width: 18 inches
  • Optimal Clearing Depth: 10 inches
  • Rated Throw: 25 feet

Price: $219

Best Electric Snow Shovel – Greenworks 8-Amp Snow Shovel

Best Electric Snow Shovel – Greenworks 8-Amp Snow Shovel

For $100, it’s tough to find a better overall deal on an electric snow shovel than Greenworks’ 8-amp model. With a 12-inch intake, it’s capable of sending 4 inches of snow up to 20 feet away in a lighter, easier to manage design than full-size snow blowers.

  • Motor: 8-amp
  • Stages: One
  • Clearing Width: 12 inches
  • Optimal Clearing Depth: 4 inches
  • Rated Throw: 20 feet

Price: $99.99

Best Battery-Powered Snow Blower

Best Overall – EGO 56V 28-Inch Snow Blower SNT2807

Best Overall – EGO 56V 28-Inch Snow Blower SNT2807

With models available from EGO (24 and 28-inch models), Greenworks, Ryobi (22 and 24-inch models), and Toro, you might be surprised to find there are so many 2-stage options that use battery power. While you won’t go wrong with any of these models, the best 2-stage battery-powered snow blower is the EGO 28-inch in our opinion.

Thanks to Peak Power technology and the capacity of two 12.0Ah batteries, EGO’s brushless motor is able to handle the 28-inch intake to clear 8 inches of snow and throw it up to 60 feet off of a 32-car driveway on one charge.

  • Motor: Brushless
  • Stages: Two
  • Clearing Width: 28 inches
  • Optimal Clearing Depth: 18 inches
  • Rated Throw: 60 feet

Price: $2199 kit with two 12.0Ah batteries and a dual port charger

Best Battery-Powered Snow Shovel – EGO Multi-Head Snow Shovel Kit MSS1203

Best Battery-Powered Snow Shovel – EGO Multi-Head Snow Shovel Kit MSS1203

When you’re shopping for the best battery-powered snow shovel, you have a lot of options. EGO, Ryobi, and Toro rise to the top with models that have a 12-inch clearing width and 25 feet of throw powered by brushless motors. Of those three, the EGO Multi-Head Snow Shovel Kit is the best in our book. As part of their attachment system, you’re getting the same performance as the other top picks but with a powerhead that gives you 4-season versatility.

  • Motor: Brushless
  • Stages: One
  • Clearing Width: 12 inches
  • Optimal Clearing Depth: 6 inches
  • Rated Throw: 25 feet

Price: $399 including a 4.0Ah battery and a charger

Best for the Money – Greenworks 40V Brushless 20-Inch Snow Blower SN-200

Best for the Money – Greenworks 40V Brushless 20-Inch Snow Blower SN-200

If you’re on a budget, there are plenty of options, but what about a brushless snow blower kit for less than $400? It’s almost impossible to find. Almost. We found Greenworks’ brushless 20-inch model at Home Depot with a 6.0Ah battery and charger for $399. It’s the only retailer we could find that price, though. Most of the others were $100 more, so you might want to snag it while it’s still available.

  • Motor: Brushless
  • Stages: One
  • Clearing Width: 20 inches
  • Optimal Clearing Depth: 8 inches
  • Rated Throw: 20 feet

Price: $399 including a 6.0Ah battery and a charger

Best Snow Blower Brands

When it comes to the best snow blower brands, it’s tough to beat Toro. With a wide range gas, battery, and electric models to chose from and excellent quality, they cover just about everyone’s needs.

Cub Cadet it another brand to take a close look at. Their X-series models cover single, 2-, and 3-stage needs with performance-enhancing innovation.

If you can afford the price tag, Honda’s lineup is solid and is powered by their legendary small engines.

On the battery side, EGO enjoys an excellent reputation across their entire line. Ryobi and Greenworks both put some serious heat on them as competitors as well.

Best-Selling Snow Blowers

While we focus on performance as the most important part of our recommendations (except our budget-specific picks, of course), we know that not everyone has the budget for those. Now that we’ve made the case for our top picks, take a gander at the top-selling models from various retailers and see if something in your price range catches your eye. While these aren’t going to have the highest perfromance and top features (in most cases), the best-sellers are often rate high in getting the most snow blower for your money.

Best Selling Snow Blowers at Acme Tools

Best-Selling Snow Blowers at Amazon

Best-Selling Snow Blowers at Home Depot

Best-Selling Snow Blowers at Lowes

Best-Selling Snow Blowers at Tractor Supply

Best Snow Blower Buying Guide

What is a Snow Blower and How Does it Work?

A snow blower is a machine that picks up snow, accelerates it through a chute, and directs it away from the area you want to clear.

As you move the snow blower forward, snow enters through the front and is caught up by paddles or augers. They spin fast enough to throw the snow into the top of the housing at high velocity, where it then concentrates into the chute and its momentum carries it away. 2 and 3-stage models have additional hardware to aid in the process.

The chute it adjustable, so you can switch the discharge from one side to the other as you change directions.

Gas Vs Electric Vs Battery-Powered Snow Blowers

Gas-powered snow blowers are a popular options thanks to the power they’re able to generate. The biggest, strongest models are gas, and there are even tracked models for really though conditions.

Like other gas-powered outdoor power equipment, there are challenges. There’s gas and oil to maintain, maintenance to complete, high noise, and emissions. Maintenance on a snow blower is often a bigger headache than other OPE tools because it’s usually sitting for more months out of the year than it’s operating.

Electric snow blowers are a popular option because they eliminate the maintenance and emissions of a gas engine while operating at much lower noise levels. Just plug it in and go. They’re also the least expensive models to buy.

It’s the plug that causes the headache, though. You need to manage an extension cord to reach all the areas you want to clear. They’re also more limited in power because of the 120V outlet that power them.

Battery-powered snow blowers are gaining momentum for several reasons. Like electric models, there are no emissions, little maintenance, and much lower noise. However, they can reach higher power levels, and you can now buy two-stage models that operate solely on battery power.

The major downside is that they can be more expensive than gas models in the same power range. You also need to manage the battery levels. Some models need several hours to recharge the batteries before you can continue if you run out. You can overcome that with extra battery sets and rapid chargers.

What is a Two-Stage Snow Blower? Single Stage Vs Two-Stage Vs Three-Stage

When we talk about two or three-stage snow blowers, we’re talking about additional mechanical elements that make clearing heavy snow easier.

A single stage model has a set of paddles that draw snow up and push it away. It’s great for light snow up to 8 – 10 inches or so, depending on the model.

A two-stage snow blower replaces rubber paddles with a metal auger that breaks up icy and chunky snow at the front intake. Behind it, an impeller takes over to accurate the snow through the chute and away. These can typically handle up to 16 inches of snow depth. Because the auger doesn’t contact the ground the way rubber paddles do on the single-stage, two-stage snow blowers are a better option for dirt and gravel driveways.

When you want to go nuclear on the worst of the snowfall, a three-stage model is what you want. It’s the same concept as a two-stage and adds a wide front auger that is set perpendicular to the side augers. The side augers feed snow and ice into the middle where the center auger breaks it up and sends it to the impeller to be sent away. Three-stage snow blowers can sometimes handle 20 inches of snow depth or more.

Clearing Width

Clearing width plays a big role in how quickly you can clear snow, very similar to how a lawn mower’s blade dictates how much of the lawn you can cut at one time. The wider the clearing width, the stronger the machine needs to be, and you often see the price increase along with the wider width.

18 – 20 inches is a good place to start for electric and battery models for smaller driveways. If you have a long driveway or more surfaces to clear, look toward models in the 24 – 30-inch range to make the work more efficient.


How far how can throw snow is also important. If it just flops out the chute right next to you, you’re going to have double the snow to pick up on the next pass.

Keep in mind the throw is typically measured with soft, dry snow, not heavy, wet snow. The 30 feet of throw your machine promises might only be 10 or 15 with the wet stuff. While 30 feet is a good place to start, we prefer to use snow blowers with a throw of 40 feet or more.

Convenience Feature to Consider

There are several features to look for that can make your snow-clearing chores easier. Here are some of the top options you may want on yours:

  • Self-propelled drive system (multiple speeds are even better)
  • LED headlights (you’re working in the darkest part of the year)
  • Heated handles (trust us, they help)
  • Tracked drive system (more surface area contact with the ground improves traction)
  • Handle-mounted chute direction adjustment (it’s easier than reaching down every time)
  • Electric start on gas models (no one wants to pull a cord when it’s that cold outside)
  • Adjustable skid shoes (helps avoid digging in on gravel and uneven surfaces)

Can You Use a Leaf Blower as a Snow Blower?

Yes, you can absolutely use a leaf blower as a snow blower! Keep your expectations in check, though. A leaf blower can move light snowfall off of hard surfaces and can be very effective at clearing off your car.

Battery-powered models are the best leaf blowers for this job since you can pop in the battery and work without having to convince a gas blower that’s been sitting for a couple of months to get going again.

A leaf blower won’t get you through the entire winter. Just like with wet leaves, the heavier the debris, the tougher it is for a blower to get things moving. So while it’s great for your car and early season snow, it’s going to be less effective as winter rolls on.

Need some recommendations? Check out our picks for the best leaf blowers and best cordless leaf blowers.

How Much Does a Snow Blower Cost?

You can get a cheap electric snow blower for less than $100. On the other side of the equation, high-end gas models can be several thousand dollars. Our recommendation is to buy the highest quality that’s in your budget.

Look for a model that has the power you need first, followed by the best build, and then the convenience features you’d like to have. An underpowered snow blower will only frustrate you. Of course, it’s no good to anyone if it doesn’t run. So sort the performance and quality out first.

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