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EGO 2-Stage Snowblower

Thumb Your Nose at Old Man Winter with EGO’s Updated 2-Stage Snowblower

Just in time for winter, EGO has announced two upcoming snowblower releases. The EGO SNT2405 56V 2-Stage Snowblower showcases raw power and refined design, while the company also updated its single-stage snowblower for peak power and efficiency.

10-Second Summary

EGO 56V SNT2405 2-Stage Snowblower

  • Powered by two 56V 7.5Ah batteries
  • Up to 45′ throw
  • Cuts a 24″ swath
  • Dual brushless motors for powering auger and drive train
  • Made from steel and ballistic-grade polymer
  • 15″ wheels
  • Intuitive user controls
  • Clears an 8-car driveway with 14″ of snow on a charge
  • Expected Price: $1299
  • Available late August/early September
  • 5-year tool warranty, 3-year battery warranty

EGO SNT2114 Single-Stage Snowblower

  • Powered by two 56V batteries
  • Steel auger
  • Up to 40′ throw
  • Clears 8″ of snow on a 17-car driveway on a charge
  • One-button push start, 180° chute control, LED headlights, folds for storage
  • Expected Price: $799
  • Available late August/early September
  • 5-year tool warranty, 3-year battery warranty


EGO 2-Stage Snowblower Looks Promising

The EGO SNT2405 2-Stage Snowblower showcases what cordless can do in snowblowers. The company claims to go after both muscle and durability—all while making the system easy to use. One thing seems certain—this marks only the second battery-powered two-stage snowblower ever to hit the market (the first came from Snow Joe back in 2018 and had mixed reviews).

The new snowblower runs off of a pair of 56V, 7.5Ah Lithium batteries, which power twin brushless motors. One of the motors drives the variable speed steel auger and steel impeller, while the other drives the power to the wheels. This seems key as the two 7.5Ah batteries pack quite a bit of power compared to what other companies currently have available. YOu need that power available when running tools of this size.

EGO SNT2405 Capability and Runtime

Speaking of power, the SNT2405 can throw snow up to 45-feet away while clearing a 24-inch swath across your driveway. It has enough runtime to clear an 8-car driveway’s worth of 14-inch-high snow on a single charge.

EGO also claims to have ramped up the durability of this snowblower. The 2-Stage EGO SNT2405 features a 21″ tall steel box with retractable drift cutters. Ego also tells us that everything that isn’t steel on this blower is made from ballistic grade polymer for long-term service. It even features beefy 15″ x 5″ wheels and a limited-slip differential to keep you firmly planted on the job at hand.

EGO SNT2405 two-stage snowblower wheels
Take a look at these tires!

Editor’s Note on 2-Stage vs Single-Stage Snowblowers
Two-stage snow blowers have both an auger that collects the snow and a fan that discharges the snow through a chute. These combined actions tend to throw snow at a faster rate—and thus farther away.

More Features and Ergonomics

EGO also knows that even the burliest snowblowers need to appeal to the user, so they’ve tightened up the controls to make it more comfortable to operate. With the SNT2405, you can use one hand to keep the blower in motion while the other controls the aim of the chute. You can also adjust the speed of the auger and impeller to further fine-tune your throw. Each of your adjustments stays put, thanks to the use of positive detents.

The handle adjusts to three different height settings, and the snowblower includes two sets of LED headlights to keep the work ahead clearly visible.

Expect to see the EGO SNT2405 2-Stage Snowblower at Lowes on August 17, 2020. While nothing is set in stone yet, EGO expects the 2-stage snowblower to run about $1299.


The Single-Stage Snowblower Gets an Upgrade

The second part of the EGO one-two snowblowing punch comes as an upgrade to the popular SNT2100 snow thrower. The EGO SNT2114 Single-Stage Snowblower, like the older model, uses two 56V batteries for power. However, the upgraded model uses a steel auger (instead of rubber) to throw snow up to 40 feet. It even tackles the frozen snow-plowed drifts at the end of the driveway.

EGO 2-Stage Snowblower

EGO also upgraded this snowblower’s efficiency. It can clear up to 8-inches of snow over a 17-car driveway on a charge, getting right down to the pavement.

However, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? EGO has brought back the control layout and feature set that made the previous edition so popular. It continues to feature a one-button push start, positive action single-lever 180° chute control, LED headlights, and a foldable handle that make storage a snap.

EGO 2-Stage Snowblower

Like the EGO 2-Stage Snowblower, you can expect to see the Single Stage Snowblower at Lowes on August 17, 2020. EGO expects that the SNT2114 to run around $799.

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Bot the snowblower with steel auger Sept 2020. Used once.second time no start. Called Ego. The problem is a fuse which they do not have and service center does not have. They do not make that snowblower any more. Ego is sending me the paddle version as a replacement..
Disappointed in Ego.

Robert (Bob) Worobec

After looking at many many gas powered snow blowers in the 24″ size, I decided to purchase the EGO 24″ 2-stage snow blower. Maneuverability and weight were major factors for me as I have low back issues. The EGO blower is on average, 60-90lbs lighter than a gas powered blower of the same size. Was a bit worried that it might not have the power of a gas blower but the exact opposite is true. We just had a major snow storm here recently (30cm/12″) so was able to put this blower to the test. I would say that, conservatively… Read more »


Too heavy for a battery snow blower. Better off with gas if you need one that large.
I just bought a Toro SnowMaster 824 QXE with Personal Pace. Lighter than the EGO and you don’t have to worry about batteries running out.

Jessica Rose

I’ll test it for you..

Nigel Dyson-Hudson

Nice to see Ego bringing a 2 stage snow blower to market. Especially since eGo has a rapid charger. The big weakness with SnowJoe/SunJoe, Ryobi 40V, most other battery OPE, is the many hours recharging time for the batteries – there are no rapid chargers available. The price could be a major stumbling block – unless the performance is close to $1300 gas snow throwers. With the SnowJoe one can’t hog the cuts/passes especially as the snow gets to height of the front, the power isn’t there. Unlike most gas units where one can just plunge in. I have used… Read more »